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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a Holo Haul! Kind of...

 ...okay, maybe it's not completely holo, but I really wanted Perceval!  And he really wanted to tag along with the other holos!  I bought all of these delicious beauties from Leah Anne at Llarowe.
 As I was checking out her website and what she had in stock, I noticed that the Hits Mari Moons were only $8!  In the midst of my A-England and Lynnderella frenzy, I completely bypassed Hits Mari Moon!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?  Of course, most of them were out, but I did get to buy this one called Daring.  Upon closer inspection of the Mari Moon page on Llarowe, I've decided I need Artsy, Dreamer, and Unconventional too!
Hits Mari Moon-Daring
I haven't known about A-England for very long; but in that short time frame, I have fallen head over heels in love!  After having bought Tristam and Lady of the Lake from The Mythicals Collection, Perceval was next on my list. I saw it featured on another blog and knew I had to have it!  I like reds, but I am super picky about them.  It has to fall in a certain shade range in order for me to like it. This one seems to fit the bill!  I can't wait to try it on!
 *drum roll please*  A-England came out with The Legends Collection, and I jumped right on that bandwagon!  I knew I had to have St. George! This was a must have!
 Second on my Legends' list was Bridal Veil...
 And third, was Ascalon.  All three of these are holos!  A-England is super fantastic when it comes to ease of use and high-end quality in their polishes, so I already know these will be winners!
Leah Anne has made it easy for those of us in the USA to buy certain international polishes!  Click HERE to buy A-England and Hits Mari Moon from Llarowe.
Click HERE to buy Perceval or any of the Mythicals Collection from A-England.  If you want The Legends Collection, they are not yet on her site. You can send an email of your order by clicking HERE.


Niesha(skyla91) said...

nice haul but whats all the hype? Please tell me!

illustratedlady said...

The hype on A-England? or on Holos?
I'm going to assume you mean A-England! I also didn't understand the hype until I bought one. I have never had a polish go on so smoothly or self level so well, or dry so fast! Seriously! Nothing even comes close! The quality is really astounding! As far as the ones, I bought from her, I can't find them anywhere else with any other brand! And now that I know how great this brand is, I wouldn't want any other brand anyway! Hope that helps. LOL

Presh Polish said...

I haven't tried A-England (yet!), I would love to see swatches of these :D

illustratedlady said...

Don't worry, Presh Polish! I will post pics! It might not be for a week though!

Pointless Cafe said...

Love them! Can't wait to see your swatches of the Mari Moon one. I've tried HITS No Olimpo but no Mari Moons yet.

illustratedlady said...

Same here! I own one Hits Mari Moon (someday soon to be more!), but I had no Mari Moons! After looking at the pics on Leah Anne's website and the price, I wonders how I had bypassed them!
Funny thing, I had every intention of swatching the Mari Moon, but instead my hands reached for Bridal Veil. LOL