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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January "It Girl" Julep Maven-Megan & Leah

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Julep Maven program and Julep Hayden-a peach creme polish.  Today, I bring you the other two polishes in my box-Leah and Megan.
Up first is Leah!  She is a beautiful, light grassy green creme that reminds me of eating apples in the springtime! Let me just say, that I am NOT a green nail polish kind of girl. Now, I love green in my wardrobe, and I wear it a lot and love almost every shade of it; but I have been very resistant to it on my nails. I think it makes me look dead or something weird. LOL.  I did, however, buy Sonia Kashuk's Fatigued and Zoya Ki last year. I also have an OPI in a cute apple shade that I bought specifically for nail art.; but I DON'T wear green by itself.
  After wearing this, that may change.  Leah went on in three-four coats. Kind of a lot, I know. It seemed to streak and I wanted it opaque, but it really wasn't a problem. It dried quickly. It has a really neat satiny finish that I don't want to mess up with top coat.  You can see that in the pictures. It is a beautiful shade of green-just the type of color I would wear in my clothes! It grew on me in about two minutes. Thank you, Julep!
 I totally saved the best for last here!  Megan is completely and totally up my alley!  Not only is it a gorgeous jewel-toned blue hue, but it is shimmery as well!  When it comes to my favorite color of nail polish, blues and purples are both neck and neck!  I love this aquamarine!  Just like the other two, she goes on super easily and in two coats!  I can't wait to get my penny box and to see what is coming in February!  If you would like to be a Maven and get $40-$60 worth of polishes and hand stuff for $19.99,  join here!  You get to take a fun quiz that tests your style and you are set!


Sylvia Lazo said...

OK The classy green is definitely classy...makes my mouth water for some of those lucious green apples too! As for Megan, she's definitely a keeper as far as color and shade goes! LOL I'm notthe one who has to apply her tho'....Man Shelle you have some gorgeous nail polishes!

illustratedlady said...

Thanks! wait til you see my other four Julep polishes that are on the way!