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Monday, January 16, 2012

Julep Penny Box and Water Marble!

I got my Julep Penny box!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I became a Julep Maven, which means that for $20 a month, I get $40-$60 of nail polishes/products that have not yet been released!  When I signed up though, my first month's was ONE PENNY.  However, Julep is a new company and my order must have gotten lost in translation somewhere. No worries though!  I called and they were amazingly helpful on the phone and they sent it immediately!  These are the polishes I received for my penny along with a Julep Top Coat, and a sample of lotion and hand scrub:
First up in the trio is Julep Chloe. Chloe has fuchsia glitters suspended in a black jelly base. It took two coats to be opaque and after a Julep Top Coat, it was still gritty as you can see in the pictures. I think that a coat of Gelous or Seche Vite could fix that though.  Like any jelly base, it applied a little thickly.
I tried super hard to capture the beauty in this polish, but it was really hard to do!  This polish is beautiful in person, but my camera mostly just caught the black jelly base. You'll have to take my word for it. :o)

Next up is Julep Helena!  This is the exact type of pink I go for when shopping for pinks!  As a matter of fact, of the fifteen polishes I started out with before becoming a polishaholic, half were some type of hot pink!
This is two coats of polish and a Julep Top Coat. I should have shown you it by itself though, because the neat thing about Julep polishes is the satiny finishes that they have!  I find that to be very unique! This is a must have for any pink lover and my favorite of the three!
Last up is Julep Kim. This metallic gunmetal grey is just like the pictures!  I have two coats here, and it applied easily with minimal streaking.  I am not a big fan of metallic finishes, but I do love a good gray!
So, I had an idea a few days ago!  I have decided that with my monthly Julep Maven box, I will do a water marble with the polishes that they send me to see how well the polishes go together! I might mix it up with nail art, but there will definitely be water marbling with those polishes.  When I saw these polishes together in the box, all I could think of was how perfectly they all went together. And I was right!  Check out the water marble on my ring finger and thumb...
In retrospect, I should have just water marbled my entire hands. It was so beautiful, I couldn't stop looking at it!  What do you think?
If you want to be a Julep Maven, go take the quiz to see which box most resembles your style and sign up here!  If you use my link, I will receive a free box for every two people who sign up!  And you can also choose to skip a month or send your box to a friend!  Everyone wins!


Aleta Colucci said...

Gorgeous!!!! I wish I did better water marbling.

illustratedlady said...


illustratedlady said...
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Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous said...

That water marble is awesome!

illustratedlady said...

Thanks Amy!