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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lacquistry: Blackberry Cordial-You May Need Sunglasses For This!

  I have had my eye on Lacquistry's Blackberry Cordial for a long while. Can you blame me?  Look at this...
This polish reminds me of  a photograph I saw in a hot rod magazine a long time ago. A woman rebuilt a hot rod and had painted the outside a gunmetal grey; but the inside was a beautiful, magenta color!  Strong on the outside, feminine on the inside...  That's what this makes me think of-a strong, yet feminine woman.

 I thought it would be over the top to put a base coat of DS Extravagance, but I'm not entirely sure you can tell the difference.  That was my only disappointment. 
 The color of Blackberry Cordial defies description.  It is magenta, fuchsia, pink, and purple in a jelly base of the same color.  A Maguchsia-Pinurple!  I guess that's not as catchy as Blackberry Cordial though. ;o)
 The glitters themselves are one of the many things I love about Jenna's creations.  There are fine glitters, and then large hex glitters! AND these hex glitters are not shy about coming out to play either!
 Lacquistry is tops in my book when it comes to glitter polishes. The prices are unbelievably low and the glitters are not too hard to maneuver.   Have I convinced you to buy yet?
 This was a bear to photograph though!  I took so many pictures trying to get the color accurate. Hopefully, I did it justice.  These pictures have slightly more pink in them than they should.  Oh!  And it eats up top coat like no tomorrow, but that is normal for any glitter polish!  I  used two coats of Seche Vite and it smoothed out.
 The rest of these pictures are just for fun and photography sake. :o)  Feel free to click on them to make them larger!

 This is what Blackberry Cordial looks like from an arms length away.
 Click HERE if you want to buy from Lacquistry's Etsy shop.  If she is out of a polish, don't despair! She restocks frequently!
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the_lacquerologist said...

I don't know why I passed this one up in my last Lacquistry order! AMAZING!!! Gorgeous swatches =)

illustratedlady said...

I just checked! She has one left!

Jenn said...

This is really beautiful. Yum!