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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lacquistry Haul-Try Not to Fall Over at the Insanity of It!

 LOOKATWHATIGOT!  Yes!  I am so excited, I'm running all of my words together!  I ordered my first Lacquistry polish, Golf Socks, a few months ago and it was my #1 pick for 2011!  I was so impressed, I ordered five more of Jenna's polishes and they just arrived!  Look at the pretty package with a special hand-written note for me!
I opened the package and I honestly just stood there in shock!  The bottles were even BETTER in person than on the web!  The bottles have super cute hand-written name tags on them with a gem on the label!  These beauties are incredibly affordable too!  At only $7.50, for these custom creations, I feel like I am getting the best deal EVER!  And thank God for that because at this moment she has 55 different glitter polishes available to choose from!
First up is Blackberry Cordial.  It is what is says-a heart-stopping magenta, blackberry color. Surprisingly, I haven't seen any reviews on this one which is crazy to me!  This is so different from anything out there, I can't wait to review it and get this one out there for everyone to see!
Check out this close-up!  *wipes drool off screen.*
Did you know that Jesus recycles?  I mean-He must have given Jenna Satan's head on a platter, because this stunner is called Devil's Dandruff.  Who knew I would want anyone's dandruff on my nails, but now I do!
Close up reveals different shapes and sizes of red glitter!  
I have had my eye on Winter No. 1 for some time.  Although I live in California, this reminds me of what winter should be like!  Snow and frost and ice all come together in this little bottle of beauty!
This has so many types of glitter! I don't even know where to begin!  No worries, I will be more thorough when I wear and review it!
I believe that  this one was a Halloween nail polish when it came out, but I can see wearing it at anytime of the year!   The name is witty as well-I'm Not Scared, but I Think I'll Hide.  Who hasn't felt that way at some point in their life?!
This polish shows the EXACT reason why Lacquistry is my hands-down favorite polish ever! She always gives you something completely unexpected and show-stopping!  
Lastly, is Denim & Rivets.   If you haven't figured it out by now,  I have a weakness for blue polishes!  This one is fantastic.  It's a deep blue glitter base with copper bar glitters.  This will be my first glitter with bars in it.   And as usual, the name hooked me.
I can't wait to start playing with this one!
Jenna, you are super talented. Don't ever stop making polish!  I have already placed an order for three others!
If you want to own jaw-dropping nail polish from Lacquistry, Click here.
If you want to see my manicure of Golf Socks by Lacquistry, Click here.
If you want any of the specified nail polishes, the names are linked to that polish. However, some of them might be sold out (my fault! LOL). Don't fret, she will make more and they will be in stock again!
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Marnie said...

Nice Haul Michelle! We'll have to get together and do a nail painting session with all of our glittery goodness!

PtiteMeve said...

Cant wait for the swatches :P

Colorsplashnails said...

What an amazing haul!!! I was totally drooling over all of it, especially the Denim and the Cordial(the 2 I still need to get. lol)~I can't wait to see them on you! Enjoy! Jenna is the best! =)

Melissakc1a said...

Forget wiping the drool of the screen,...bring out the smelling salts...These glitters made me swoon! I am in L-O-V-E with Devil's Dandruff!! Jenna came up with some really great names too!

illustratedlady said...

I know! She is amazing!