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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lynderella's Mercurial

Why is it, when I get the biggest haul of my life, the sun goes into hiding?!
Fortunately, Lynnderella's Mercurial glistens WITHOUT the sun!  YES!  I have a Lynnderella polish on my fingers!  I bought my first one's from the Llarowe website and ACTUALLY GOT THROUGH.  I know.   :o)  I love Mercurial. It embodies many things that I love: silver and black, steel and metal, dark and tough, sexy and mysterious. This is me in so many ways!
I like wearing these glitters with a base coat of some sort, because I like to have a hard edge of color on my nail. I used Zoya Kelly for this one!  See my post about Zoya Kelly here.
It was a little tough getting any of the larger hex glitters out of the bottle. I tried and tried and in the end, I only got two.  The smaller silver glitters are in abundance though and they all lay in a base of dark grey jelly.  There are some silver square glitters as well and some lavender ones peeking out here and there.  What I love about Lynnderella and Lacquistry glitters is that they constantly give me the unexpected.  From far away you see black and silver and glitter, but up close you see lavender and large hexes.  I do wish there had been more lavender in the bottle though.
This polish really ate up my top coat. I put one thick coat of Seche Vite and within an hour I could feel the grittiness of the polish again. I really need to buy a bottle of Gelous!  I know that other nail bloggers always put two top coats on, but I am scroogish with my top coat, so I didn't.  I will probably pony up for that second coat from now on though!
How do you like Lynnderella's polishes? Do you have a favorite?  Any long time lemmings?
If you want to buy some Lynnderella's, click the above linked Llarowe website link.  She will be restocking throughout February.
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Bárbara ^^, said...

Hii!! This is way to pretty! Amazing outcome! Love it!


Colorsplashnails said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE, love, LOVE it! (Even with no sun, it's amazing!) =)

Jenn said...

I loooooooooooooooove it! Gimme. Ha ha.