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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Most EPIC and Coveted Polish Haul EVER!

 Glitter Gal, A-England, Hits, LYNNDERELLA... THAT is what I received in the mail at work in ONE day!  Yes, I was beside myself!
For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, let me give you a quick run down: There are a host of nail polishes made in different countries (duh!) that have been largely unavailable in the U.S:  Glitter Gal, Hits, A-England, Ozotic, and Luderana are some of those brands.  A lady named Leah opened up a website-Llarowe-that now allows those of us in America to buy these brands for very reasonable shipping!  She also sells Lynnderella, which is a nail polish made by a lady named Lynn who started making polishes as a hobby for her friends and now makes them for other polish lovers. She sells out of these polishes within minutes of them going on her website, (because she insists on making each one herself to ensure it gets done right), so imagine my complete and total excitement to have gotten some for myself!
First up, I bought Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3D Holographic (from Australia) and Hits Speciallita No Olimpo Poseidon Holografico (from Brazil). Whew! That was as mouthful!
 These are both holographic polishes and my first ones at that!  I got a deep purple and a robin's egg blue.
 Secondly, I bought two A-England polishes-Lady of the Lake and Tristam. (both from...England. der!)  These are much talked about in nail blogs and for good reason!  My next post will be of Tristam-a stunning deep blue holo!  Oh!  While these are available on the Llarowe website (click on the link in the first paragraph), they were sold out; so I bought directly from the A-England website.  Shipping was FREE, but I had to wait awhile to get them.  FYI, A-England is coming out with their new collection within the next few days! They will be available on Llarowe's website and A-England's website.
 Up next, is the polish that seems to evade everyone...Lynnderella!  Because of the price, I could only afford to buy four, so I bought Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo-Blue, Very Pretty Vampire, Mercurial, and The Glittering Crowd.  HA! I could NOT believe I scored these, but somehow I did!
Crazy Blue Glitter with some lavender, Red and Pink Glitter in a black jelly base!  OMG
Lavender and silver glitter in different shapes is Mercurial, and the most craziest of all: over one hundred glitters in The Glittering Crowd! I have wanted that one forever!
 I only bought four of her polishes. She has several more that are just as beautiful. AND she is coming out with a new collection this month!!!!  Imagine!  A-England AND Lynnderella both coming out with new collections this month!   Aaagh, My wallet hurts!  Friends and family, that would make a great birthday gift!  heehee!
Stay tuned for my next post that will show A-England's Tristam...


PtiteMeve said...

Dreaming about Lynderella's polishes!
Nice haul :)

illustratedlady said...

Thank you! I am still stunned that I got Lynderella's at all! And I have no idea which on ego try first either! Oh the agony!

Colorsplashnails said...

I think I'd seriously pass out if I got that nail mail! lol! How amazing!!!! I can't wait to see all the manicures you'll be doing with all those pretties. =)

illustratedlady said...

Thanks! I am saving the Lynn's for last. But I have them all set out waiting with my choice of base coat! So excited!