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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zoya Julieanne with Cult Nails and CND Top Coats

I bought this Zoya Julieanne with one of their amazing promotions!  It is a dark blackened purple with shimmery purple glitters in it. It goes on extremely smooth in two coats, like all their polishes do!  Of course, I couldn't end it there, so I top coated with Cult Nails flaky top coat. It is the polish formerly known as Unicorn Puke. You may wonder why I don't just call it by its new name... Well, the name actually goes against the very core of what I believe in, so I refuse to name it one my blog. Sorry, Cult Nails, but like Prince, I will continue to call it "the polish formerly known as Unicorn Puke."  That name was WAY better anyway and much more accurate. :o)
You may have noticed that I put a different top coat on my ring finger and thumb. That would be CND's Plum Truffle Sparkle. It is a light pink jelly base, with shimmery pink glitters in it.  I love this top coat and it really adds to Julieanne!

Hope you enjoyed!

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