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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zoya Kelly! I love you.

I love gray. Maybe because it is an offshoot of black, but I really love gray. I love it in my clothes. I love it in my house. And I love it on my nails!  I don't love it in my hair though. :o)  I don't have too many gray polishes though. In my mind, grey can only be done so many ways, before they all start looking alike.  So, I only buy gray if it really speaks to me. 
A long time lemming of mine is China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. I can't find it anywhere! It is IMO THE PERFECT GRAY!   I think I found out about it after it was long gone in stores. :o(
No matter!  This Zoya Kelly is my replacement gray for Concrete Catwalk!  Even though CC is a true gray, and this one has blue/purple tones, I LOVE IT!  Like every single Zoya I own, this went on super easily and smoothly in two effortless coats. Zoya is truly amazing!  I just recently learned about them after reading nail blogs, and while their nail polishes run $8 each, they have so many deals through their Facebook page, that I have been getting them for $5 or free with shipping!  I must say that the $8 price tag is still well worth it for the great quality of work they put into their polishes.  I have never found a Zoya polish in my county, so I buy them all on their website. You can too if you click here.
The fantastic thing about Zoya Kelly is that she looks different in in different lighting. In sunlight, she is slightly lighter, but in the shade she turns a deeper gray. I am in love with the blue-purple cast in her too.   If only the gray in my hair were this dark, it might blend more. :o)

I started my nail polish obsession in August, and had no Zoya polishes. No, five months later,  I have fourteen!  How many will I have by the end of the year?  How many do YOU have?

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