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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Haul post-Lacquistry, Nerd Lacquer and OPI!

I LOVE THE MAIL MAN!  It is so exciting when he comes into my work with tiny little packages that I know are for me!  On Monday, I got two packages-one from Jenna at Lacquistry and one from Amanda at Nerd Lacquer!
In my Lacquistry box was A Friggin' Circus, Undertow, and Raspberry Toffee!  Woohoo!
Normally, I take my pictures outside, but I am crunched for time so my Ottbox will have to do. I just love getting the sunlight on this glitter though!  :o(
Think I buy enough from Jenna?!  She said thank you for ANOTHER order!  No, Jenna, THANK YOU for your creativity!  There will certainly be more orders!
A Friggin' Circus... HOLY MOLY!  I made the mistake of thinking that I didn't need both this and Lynnderella's The Glittering Crowd.  I WAS WRONG.
Undertow is a new one!  I love blues-any blue! So this one was a no-brainer.
Raspberry Toffee-OMG.  Is it weird that neither color alone speaks to me, but putting these two together makes me want to melt?  When Jenna first posted this, I fell in love!
WHEN? WHEN? WHEN, I wondered.  Well, NOW-NOW-NOW was my answer! Thank you, Jenna, for getting this one to me spur-of-the-moment!
Hi Nerd Lacquer!  I am so excited to have you in my little family of love. :o)  I bought a couple from Nerd Lacquer before, and they didn't overwhelm me with excitement, but I realized I had bought colors I don't even like!  (Brain fart or something!)  These ones are sick!
Cyance Friction... Yummy green teal color!  Ohhhhh, I am venturing into the world of green somehow!!!
Cold and Calculating... My sister might try to steal this one from me. Must hide it when she visits.  I didn't realize it was a plum!  *in love*
All of Time and Space...  This has been on my list since I learned about Nerd Lacquer. When Traci from The Trace Face Philes swatched it, I KNEW I had to get one.   This is the epitome of what I love about Lynnderella, Lacquistry, and Nerd Lacquer-They put a little of the unexpected in their bottles. Who would expect purple glitter in a light green polish?
This last one is special.  I took my mom out for her birthday, and we stopped at a beauty supply to get her some shampoo. I saw this DS Temptation and was admiring it and telling my mom about how expensive it is.  Well, she snuck it into her purchases and bought it for me!  YAY! Thank you, mom!
If you want to buy Lacquistry polishes, click HERE.
If you want to buy Nerd Lacquer polishes, click HERE.

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Sylvia Lazo said...

My pleasure :) You're a blessing beyond what you probably realize! I love you to pieces!