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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beach glass jewelry!

Well, I miscalculated my nail polish posts and realized I had nothing planned for today, so I am going to show you another passion of mine-beach glass that I made into jewelry! 
 My husband and I have collected beach glass in the bay area for many years.  I have just recently decided to try my hand at making jewelry out of it!  When I saw that beach glass jewelers were selling their pieces for several hundreds of dollars, I knew I couldn't afford that. I knew I wanted to bring this beauty to other people at a more affordable price.   
I plan on selling it on Etsy, but that entails a lot of work, which is why I haven't done it yet.  For now you can see the pictures!
This bracelet I made for myself out of my favorite shells, rocks, pottery, and beach glass.
These earrings are made out of green sea glass. If you don't know what sea glass is, it is broken pieces of glass that the ocean has naturally tumbled around in the sand and waves to make it smooth and beautiful.

These chandelier earrings are a one of a kind!  I only made the one pair so far. White, kelly green and brown are the most common types of sea glass. Blue and aqua being more rare.  If you see red or orange, snatch that up quickly!
Do you see my french tipped nails peeking out at the top of the picture? :o)
This bracelet I made for myself but never wore in the hopes of someday selling it. It is made up completely of stones off of the beach.
The earrings are kelly green, white and lime green. Cute, huh?
These might look white, but they are not.  I am not completely sure what color they are, but they have a really cool speckled green on them as you can see on the picture below.

These last earrings are simple drop earrings. The uniqueness here is that they both have a deep line in both of them!  Maybe the bottom of a bottle?
If you would like to read my three other posts about beach glass and beach glass jewelry, CLICK HERE.


Jenn said...

I would SOO wear the chandelier earrings (& buy them if jewelry was in my budget!) Stunning!
All of these pieces are fun. And I was tickled to get a sneak peek at the french tip manicure that you mentioned on the phone this morning!

Maddy Blatt said...

very cool stuff!! i always love those beach glass things:)

PolishPixelle said...

These are STUNNING. I would wear every single piece. You should absolutely put these on Etsy - they'd do well! (although I guess that depends on your pricing - but I know I'd be interested!)

illustratedlady said...

Thank you all! Jenn, the manicure I was talking about isn't up here yet. LOL.
Thank you Polish Pixelle! I do plan on putting them on Etsy. Pricing is one of the things I am trying to figure out, along with the commitment. :o)

Colorsplashnails said...

These are fantastic! I would wear every piece you've shown~you have amazing talent. =) I especially love the bracelet!!!! Please keep me posted when (and if) you will be selling! ^.^

Iroshi Windwalker said...

How much are you planning to charge for these? (Especially the green/white/green earrings! :)
They're all gorgeous, by the way, but that particular pair made me stop and ask how much. ^_^

illustratedlady said...

Iroshi, the earrings are $15 plus shipping. I have a tab at the top of my home page for beach glass jewelry and their prices. I WILL be selling on Etsy, it just takes time. LOL

jelly andrews said...

These jewelries are such darlings. But I guess I will go for the green sea glass earrings. It is pretty simple yet could really complete an outfit.