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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A-England St. George with Bridal Veil French tips!

When the new A-England "The Legends" Collection came out, St. George was #1 on my list!  I knew it would be my favorite and in my typical disciplinary fashion, I made myself wait to swatch this one last.  I don't know why I do that...
I thought St. George was a teal-colored polish, but on me it reads jewel-toned green. Do I care? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  St. George is unbelievable. I am not really a fan of green polishes. I feel they make me look moldy. St. George just makes me feel rich and luxurious. I can feel myself being lured in inches at a time into the world of green polishes.
Of the three I bought, this one was the hardest to apply. It wasn't really application issues; but more of the fact that it was so saturated, that when I accidentally got it on my skin, it stained immediately.
   The holo, like the others, is very subtle. This one glimmers green and teal in the sunlight. In the shade, it looks like this...
 I work in a plumbing supply house and I am handling pipe and fittings all day; so after ONE day, I had tip wear.  I wasn't ready to take St. George off, so I decided to do a french tip with Bridal Veil!
I am already in love with funky frenches, but this baby takes the cake!  I literally could not take my eyes off my nails!
These two were made for each other!  What do you think?
Leah Anne has made it easy for those of us in the USA to buy certain international polishes! 
 Click HERE to buy A-England from Llarowe. She will be restocking this collection this week!
Click HERE to visit the A-England website.  If you want The Legends Collection, they are not yet on her site, but you can send an email of your order to her by clicking HERE.


Melisa Salazar said...

I loved that polish. Beautiful colour!

illustratedlady said...

Thank you!

Maddy Blatt said...

wow thats a cool combo!

Jenny said...

Simply perfect

Jenn said...

Oh my! I don't tend to like glitter polishes, but this one is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING (with and without the french tips- and what a clever idea! Ima steal that idea often, because with the daily baking dishes and family meals from scratch and domestic cleaning, my nails last 1-2 days, even w/ the 3 coats and top coat!). Anyway, I LOVE THIS SET, so I need to try it when I come! lol

illustratedlady said...

Thank you all! *blushes* Jen, it's actually not glitter! It is a holo polish, so goes on smoothly and comes off easily!