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Monday, February 6, 2012

February "It Girl" swatched and Water Marbled!

I got my February "It Girl" monthly maven box!  If you read my last post about the Julep "It Girl" box, I had decided to do a water marble every month with my It Girl nail polishes! I love water marbling, but it is really time-consuming, so committing to once a month is something I know I can do!
First up, is Rachel.   I have to say that when I saw the colors, I wasn't excited about ANY of them.  I put Rachel on and I inhaled. Deeply.  Rachel is a copper metallic.  Now I don't like metallics at all. I own one in deep grey and I have since replaced it with a creme grey. But this one moved me.  It reminds me of my sister and it reminds me of fall. This is two coats, and the formula was thin, but manageable.  This is two coats.
I thought it would make sense to layer Oscar over both colors, so here is one coat over Rachel.  Oscar has quite a bit of glitter in one coat-I was pleasantly surprised!
These look made for each other!  I am definitely a fan of both!
Here we have Elizabeth!  First of all, it was REALLY runny. I had a hard time applying it, and it stained my cuticles a little bit.  It needed two coats to be opaque.  I thought it was a deep purple/plum shimmer.  THE CARD SAYS it is a MIDNIGHT BLUE shimmer!  Really???  This picture is accurate to what it looks like in real life and this is NOT blue.
Did anyone else get this one? What do you think the color is?  
I love purples. But I can do without this one. It just isn't anything special in my opinion.
Here is Elizabeth with Oscar layered over her. I think these look good together as well.

I swatched two coats of Oscar on my bare nails.  It is obviously better as a top coat for another polish!
Of the three, Oscar went on the easiest. I had no issues with application and I found it easy to work with.  I am more of a silver and grey person, but I will keep this gold glitter for a rainy day!

Now for the fun part!  I water marbled with Rachel, Oscar and Elizabeth, and here is the result!
I first put a base coat of Rachel so that the colors would show up better. As you can see, the glitter kind of went everywhere when I tried to water marble-but I kind of like it!
If you want to be a Julep Maven, go take the quiz to see which box most resembles your style and sign up here!  You will receive $40-$60 worth of product for only $19.99!  If you use my link, I will receive a free box for every two people who sign up!  And you can also choose to skip a month or send your box to a friend!  Everyone wins!
Oscar, Elizabeth, Rachel


Jessica Heasley said...

I Recieved This Box Also, I Actually Think Elizabeth Is A Dark Blue, LMAO!! All In Your Perception, It Could Be A Purple, But I Just See Blue, LOL!! I Didnt Want The Box, They Just Sent It To Me, But Since My Middle Name Is Elizabeth, I Suppose Im Going To Keep It :o) Beautiful Swatches!! I Need To Try Water Marbling Sometime!!

Bárbara ^^, said...

Hi!! I loved your marbling! Looks super pretty on those colors!


Jenn said...

Shelle, I'm shocked at how similar our taste in color is but how opposite our preferences are! I prefer metallics and don't care for creme/flat polishes! And I don't like glitter, but I like the confetti!

Jenn said...

If you really really don't care for the Julep Elizabeth, I'd be happy to find it in your "give to Jenn in May" pile! I love it, wouldn't wear such a dark color, but can completely envision it drenched in Essie's SET IN STONES confetti top coat, can't you?

Jenn said...

NO WAY! I aDORE the way those colors turned out in the marbling! I hope you have time to show me how to do it when I visit, because you KNOW I'm just LOOKING for another way to spend more time on frivilous, "unmeaningful" things!!!!

illustratedlady said...

Jess, hmmm, who knows what it is?! Thank you Barbara ! I learned off of Colette's Youtube videos! Jenn, You can have Elizabeth when you come! Funny! YOu like metallics and not cremes! I will give you all my metallics. :o) AND I will show you how to water marble! It is super messy and time consuming, but fun every once in awhile! And I think you like the Chunky glitters but not the regular glitters?