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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hits Mari Moon-Daring!

While I was on the Llarowe website wishing Lynderella's were in stock, I started browsing the other polishes.  I really wanted some Ozotics and Glitter Gal's!  When I clicked on Hits Mari Moon, I did a double take.  $8 each and their duo chrome?!  Why hadn't I noticed these before?  How did they escape me?  
There was only one available out of the four that I wanted, so I bought it!  This, my dear polish-loving readers, is called Hits Mari Moon Daring!   It is a dual colored polish made in Brazil.  This one in particular changes from purple to blue/green.
This is not a trick of the eye!  This is for realsies!  The purple in these pictures is very color accurate. the blue/green is also accurate, except that when you are out in direct sunlight it turns to a blazing green!
Now,  I'm not gonna sugar coat things here.  This was a pain in my booty to put on,  especially after wearing the easy flowing A-Enlgand's several days in a row!  Daring needed three coats and started to drag a little bit after the second coat. It did not go on very smoothly, and I was a little annoyed by it.
After I put it on though, it was all worth it!  This is so beautiful and I could not stop looking at my nails all day!  I have already decided it is worth the pain and I will be buying the other four when Llarowe has them back in stock on her website!
Leah Anne has made it easy for those of us in the USA to buy certain international polishes!  Click HERE to buy Hits Mari Moon from Llarowe. 

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cynthia decker said...

A great job & a beautiful color!

Colorsplashnails said...

This is beautiful! I have been wanting the Hits Mari Moon polishes for a while~I wondered if they were a pain to apply. Definitely worth it though!! =)