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Sunday, February 26, 2012

An International Haul and My Zoya's. :o)

I did my second international swap! Ok, maybe I just swapped money, but still!  Thanks to the wonderful Jo (check out her blog by clicking on her name,) I got the much sought after Max Factor Fantasy Fire!!!  I also got Models Own Scarlett Sparkle, and two other Max Factor's-Graffiti and Odyssey Blue.
Scarlett Sparkle, Fantasy Fire, Odyssey Blue, and Graffiti
Scarlett Sparkle
Fantasy Fire
Odyssey Blue
I also placed an order with Zoya for their Valentine's Day promo of buy one red, get any other polish for free and NO shipping!  These two cost me a grand total of $8!!  I bought Moxie-I love a great raspberry color-and I bought Maisie to give to my sister when she comes to visit!
 I stopped by CVS and found an OPI Ink suede!  From what I have heard, these are hard to find, and there were three of these sitting on the shelf!  After that, I went to Sally's Beauty and on the bottom shelf was China Glaze "The Hunger Games Collection!"  I thought those were supposed to be released mid-March but there was half the collection sitting there!  I only bought Stone Cold, because the other two I thought about getting weren't there. 

What do you think of my haul?
 Fantasy Fire is only found in the UK, and even then it is a highly sought after polish!  You may need a friend in the UK to get this one!
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You can buy Model's Own on the Harlow website by clicking HERE.
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Marnie said...

You have to swatch the OPI first. So if I like it I can go snag it.
ha ha ha. Great haul!

Jessica said...

I love your zoya colors I'm sooo mad ulta stopped carrying it now I have order online and wait :( but beautiful choice of colors

jodie smith said...

I'dlove to try the suede. Glad u like the polishes and they got to you ok.

Treesponge said...

All of my jealousy on fantasy fire. haha I need to go to Sally's and scope out the Hunger Games situation. I've been ogling smoke and ashes so hard.

This is a awesome mini haul!

illustratedlady said...

Marnie, you will like it. Trust me! Jessica, the only way I have ever bought Zoya is online. I have yet to see them anywhere in person!
Jo, It was awesome to get a package from out of states! thank you!
Treesponge, HAHA! Fantasy Fire is just sitting there unused for now. I don't want to waste it! The bottle is teeny!

Treesponge said...

I found a few (emphasis on FEW) Zoyas at my local Ulta and I just found a couple in Whole Foods of all places. Tiny selection compared to their site though.

illustratedlady said...

Whole FOODS???? I must go check that out!

Treesponge said...

I know, right? The one across the street from my mom's has a cosmetics/beauty section.