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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lacquistry-A Friggin' Circus!

Yesterday, I showed you China Glaze's matte Stone Cold from The Hunger Games Collection.  Scheduled to be in stores mid-March, I was surprised to see them at my local Sally's!  Have any of you gone out and found them?
I told you I would be layering something over it, and SURPRISE! It's another Lacquistry polish-A Friggin' Circus!
A Friggin' Circus is  a multi-colored two-sized hex glitter. From what Jenna told me, it is normally in a blue jelly base, but mine is in a pink jelly base!  (I feel special!) Of course, that is lost here, since I have layered it over such a dark color!
 I have been wanting this for a VERY long time!  I thought that since I already had two multi-colored glitter polishes (The Glittering Crowd and $OPI Spark-tacular Top Coat) that I didn't need this one.  Boy, was I wrong! We polishaholics should know better by now. :o)  I saw Colorsplash's post on it and immediately knew I had to have it!  I went for a sparser look on my nails than she did, although I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she did hers!
 I flippin' LOVE A Friggin' Circus!  It screams happy-happy-happy to me!  The only downer is that the hexes tended to clump on top of each other and leave other areas bare-a problem I was able to fix because I am a MASTER MANIPULATOR.  Haha!  Of glitter only, ladies!  GLITTER ONLY!
 Of course, I had to mattify this beauty!  Stone Cold is meant to be matte and thanks to Stephanie Savas (Hi Steph!) who had asked anyone on Lacquistry's Facebook page to do A Friggin' Circus mattified-you get to see A Friggin' Matte Circus!  Also, Stephanie, if you are reading, check out tomorrow's post. You WILL want to see it!  Technically, tomorrow's post is what you asked for plus some!
 The details of Stone Cold get lost with the pink jelly base of A Friggin' Circus, but no one would ever know!  The main focus of this manicure is-and will always be-A Friggin' Circus!  You just can't downplay the beauty of this polish!
 Maybe for those of you who don't like glitter, the mattified look is more your style?  Have I converted you yet?  Sheila, are you rethinking glitter?  No?  LOL.  At least I tried!
Please check out tomorrow's post.  If you caught the hint above, I will be comparing three of my multi-colored glitters over black-all glossy and all matted!!!
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мιѕѕ.ℓαяα said...

I don't like glitter much but you are def. turning me lol

illustratedlady said...

AWESOME! That makes my day! LOL

Colorsplashnails said...

A Friggin' Circus looks AWESOME done matte! WOW!!! Plus I'm super jealous you got Stone Cold already. Lucky duck! Thanks for the linky~you are the sweetest. You had me rolling on the master manipulator comment, btw. I totally know what you meant! Can't wait for tomorrow's post now. >.<

Jodi said...

I'm a new follower and I really love your blog!! I love this glitter.. it's gorgeous!! :)

illustratedlady said...

HI JOdi! Thank you! That means a lot and I totally have been following your blog for awhile!

Pointless Cafe said...

LOL - baby steps for me. I do think it looks great mattified!~~ Sheila