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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Old OPI's -A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Hi everyone!  I notice my followers is slowly climbing towards the 100 mark!  I think I had better plan a giveaway quickly!  It will be my very first. :o)   Thank you all for being interested enough to follow me!  
     I started this blog a very short time ago. In September of last year, I started blogging about polish, but I had an interest in nail polish even before that.  I had a humble stash of about 12 nail polishes-mostly OPI.  I noticed something interesting about them; about half were some type of hot pink and the rest were a conservative version of red or coral!  These have been in my "give to someone else" pile, but after swatching, I decided to keep two of the pinks!  
It's All Greek To Me
So first up is OPI It's All Greek To Me.  It's a beautiful shimmery hot pink and I used two coats (in all of the pictures except where noted.)
Flashbulb Fuchsia 
I put Flashbulb Fuchsia on right after It's All Greek... and I laughed, because I thought, "Really?  Am I going to swatch all of these and then change my mind and keep them ALL?"  
   This is the epitome of what color of pink I will wear on my nails. I do not like pink in my life as a general rule; but when it came to polishes it used to be the only thing I would wear-a bright shiny dark pink!  I actually don't buy too many pinks anymore, because they all end up looking like these two.
This Little Piggy
 Next up is This Little Piggy.  She is newer, because I noticed she had the wider brush.  I am not sure why I even bought this. It is a girlie pink top coat that is not me at all. It's pretty; it's just not for me!  I used four coats to get it to this opacity.                        
No label on my OPI!  Anyone have any ideas?

Now, we move on to the corals!  When I was trying to be new and different,  I would get "daring" and buy a coral color.  (I never even THOUGHT about buying blue or purple!)  This one has the same similarities that the pinks had-shimmer and brightness.  Does anyone know the name of it? There hasn't been a label on there in forever!                    
Conga-Line Coral
I bought Conga-Line Coral to wear in the fall. I obviously liked the shimmers!  This one is a more copper coral.
Don't Be Koi With Me
I must have really gotten out of my comfort zone with Don't Be Koi With Me!  I actually bought a creme!  This was the perfect coral for my olive skin tone.  I would keep it, but I never wear coral, with all these gorgeous blues and purples around. :o)
Lighten Up, You're Two Pence.  In the sun.
Lighten Up, You're Two Pence is a shimmery warm-toned copper. It almost borders on orangey in the sun, but not too much.  I like it, but have enough copper colors. (I would rather feed my purple and blue and glitter addiction!)
Lighten Up, You're Two Pence.  In the shade.
As you can see, the orange-tone goes away in the shade.
I'm Not Really A Waitress
Now, on to the reds!  Well, only two of them. :o)
When I used to wear nail polish, I could only wear it on weekends.  In the military, I couldn't wear it, and when I was a plumber, it just didn't make sense on many levels.  So, pink, coral, and red were all I wore.  Of course, red is a really hard color to find to match skin tone!  I am still on the look out.  These two made my cut. First, is I'm Not Really a Waitress. I think this might be the most popular OPI red ever!  It is dark enough for my skin tone and has no orange whatsoever in it.  It also has some shimma-which I loved back then!  I'm more of a creme or glitter gal now. :o)
My Kind Of Brown
The other one is My Kind of Brown. And honestly, I didn't really like it that much. It was too brown.
Significant Other Color
Lastly, my lone "purple." Quite frankly I think I just bought this recently at the beginning of my polish frenzy. It is Significant Other Color. It is a very pretty lavender that turns greenish in the light.  You can see the change here. Of course, this is three coats. I believe it is best used as a top coat.
Significant Other Color
If you are interested in trading for any of these, you can check out the tabs at the top of my page to find what polishes I am interested in receiving in return!  I hope you enjoyed my long-winded picture spam and trip down memory lane.


Frauellen said...

I think your label-less color is Socra-Tease Me! It was my very very favorite and was accidentally left at a nail salon when I brought it with me for a pedicure. Wah waaahh...

illustratedlady said...

I think you're right, that sounds familiar! You know I do trades if you want mine!