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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day mani-Lynnderella's Very Pretty Vampire!

I wanted my Valentine's Day manicure to be something spectacular, so I chose Lynnderella's Very Pretty Vampire.  I have seen it done over black a few times, and I knew I wanted to do something different!  I decided to not only layer it over a purple, but a glittery holographic purple!
In my Ottbox

I used Nina Ultra-Pro Purple X-ing as my base coat. You can see from the pictures that it is very gritty. This is really my "go-to" polish for purple!  I have used it so many times!  
I layered Very Pretty Vampire over it and only used one layer. I wanted to have some of the Purple X--ing still come through since VPV is in a black jelly base.
In direct sunlight
I am in love with this combo!  The sunlight will catch the holo particles of Purple X-ing at times, and I see gorgeous colors coming through!
in the shade outside
Very Pretty Vampire is something else indeed!  I must confess I am a massive fan of the Twilight Series books.  (NOT the movies. THE BOOKS.)  And this screams dark romantic to me.  It has Edward all over it!
 I love how the larger red square glitters seem to GLOW!  It is fascinating to me!
 You can see in some of my pictures how the holo shows through!  I am so in love with this combination, I don't know if I will ever want to do it any other way!  Maybe it's true love...
 Of course, something named "Very Pretty Vampire" is bound to be very hungry-and this polish is. Hungry for top coat-that is!  I put one coat of Gelous, and two coats of Seche Vite. Even then, I still had to go back over a few nails with a third coat after it had dried.  I did achieve the mirrored glass look though!
 Enough talk. Indulge yourselves in some picture spam....
 I took 40+ pictures of this, so I DID edit some!
You can buy Nina Ultra-Pro at any Sally's Beauty.  At the moment, Lynnderellas can not be bought.  You can follow Lynnderella's blog for updates about when they will be available by clicking HERE.  Llarowe may or may not be selling it sometime in the future.  Click HERE for her website, and HERE for her Facebook page.


Colorsplashnails said...

VPV is awesome!! I love Edward, too, lol. The reds seriously pop in this polish. WOW! Excellent pics, btw. =)

Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous said...

This is beautiful!!!!!

illustratedlady said...

Thank you guys!