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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nerd Lacquer-Cold & Calculating is Warm & Comforting

If this is what Cold & Calculating looks like, then call me The Ice Queen!  Nerd Lacquer has made me fall in love!
This is another one of Amanda's creations, Cold & Calculating. She describes it on her Etsy shop like this, "Cold & Calculating is a cool shimmering violet and charcoal base with silver and royal purple glitter, medium purple hexagonal glitter, and large silver hexagonal glitter. "  
In the picture in her Etsy shop, I thought it was a deep dark blue!  I was hugely excited when I saw this deep plum color in the bottle and on my nails!  I think I inhaled very deeply actually.  This color speaks to me on so many levels. If I could choose five colors that described me, this would be one of them!
There is just something about a deep plum that screams uber sexy to me.
 I found this Nerd Lacquer to be easy to work with!  The glitters came out easily (I turned the bottle upside down for about half an hour before using it) and it was nearly opaque in two coats. I would put a third coat on just for personal happiness though.  Every time I looked at my nails, I thought it looked like outer space, but purple.
 Enough talk, just stare...
People, I am now on the hunt for a purple like this except in a cream. Please comment if you can think of one!
 If you want to buy Nerd Lacquer, Click HERE.


Stylish By Nature said...

Simply gorgeous!!

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Maddy Blatt said...


Marnie said...

I layered this over Zoya Tru Michelle and it looks great!