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Thursday, February 9, 2012

V Day Mani # 2- ManGLaze Me!

V Day could stand for Vagina Day.  I mean, after all, Valentine's Day DOES seem to be all about the woman.  While ManGlaze polishes were originally made for men,  they certainly speak loudly to women everywhere.  The two that I bring for today's mani speak specifically to the vagina.  :o)  I bring you-Lesbihonest and Mink Mitten!
Color is true to life!
Since Lesbihonest is brand new to me, let me show you swatches of her first.  This is two very easy coats of the neon pink stuff!  She lays it all out there and isn't shy about it!  I think this polish may have turned me....
Where would Lesbihonest be without a Mink Mitten?  I couldn't decide how to use Mink Mitten, so I will show her to you two ways!
I did gradient polka dots on the diagonal....
Taken in my new light box. Colors are darker than real life.
And then I did a diagonal tip with a silver outline....
Taken in my new light box. Colors are brighter in real life.
I strongly believe that Valentine's Day is geared completely towards women.  For years, I struggled with what to get my husband for V Day.   It's not like I can find heart-shaped fishing lures or stuffed teddy bears holding a fifth of vodka.  I finally figured it out though.  I buy a nice piece of lingerie and take him into the bedroom at the end of the night!
Isn't that what this holiday is really all about anyway?
If you want a little ManGlaze in your life (and really-who doesn't?!), CLICK HERE.  They are on sale on ManGlaze's Facebook page for $11.82 each.


Jenn said...

I like all the different tips, but the dots are my favorite!

Colorsplashnails said...

You were busy with this one and you took some great pics! i love them all. =) I think they should make heart shaped lures for v-day...just for the heck of it. Our hubby's would smack their foreheads, but who knows...the girl fish might like it. LOL