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Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Mani #6-Zoya and Lacquistry Together At Last.

By now, you may have noticed that my Valentine's Day manicures aren't overtly hearts and crap like that on my nails.  :o)   I am just not a heartsy type of girl.  I wanted to show you nails that would look good on Valentine's Day, but are classy or crazy!
Today I have another Lacquistry polish for you! This could very well be my most favorite Lacquistry polish yet!  Before I introduce her, I want to show you the base coat I used, which is my Zoya namesake- Zoya Michelle!  Michelle is a very bright, neon, shimmery, hot pink.  I used three coats, and still had VNL, but it is very stunning and I am happy to have this nail polish named after me! As a matter of fact, after putting it on I just couldn't bear to cover it up, so I decided to do a loose version of french tips.  I think a lot of nail bloggers would call it a gradient.
And that is where Lacquistry comes in...Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Lacquistry's I Wear My Jewelry On My Nails!
Oh and what a perfect name this is!  I honestly felt as if my nails were covered in diamonds!
Which reminds me...
  Have you seen that movie, "How to Lose a Man in 30 Days?"  The lady who owns the expensive diamond jewelry store says, "Ladies, FROST yourselves."
I kept thinking of that scene every time I looked at my nails!  My nails were frosted in diamonds!
Let me tell you about application.  IWMJOMN is VERY dense.  The brush was literally dripping with chunks of glitter!  I was pretty stunned when I tried to cover my first nail tip in it. It was almost too much! I actually had to take some of the glitter off of my nail!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  It was only because I was doing the tips though.  Ok, so maybe you can never have too much glitter. :o)
I somehow managed to get the tips done, and it was so easy. The glitters were practically running to get out of the bottle!  I believe that if I had coated my nails, I could get complete coverage in two coats.  Do you see all of the different types of glitter-large hexes, micros, small hexes and BARS!
I might also add, that this polish is super holographic!  You can see it in the bottle shots of these pictures.  The glitters turn colors every time the sun hits them!  I just could NOT stop staring.  I even had a male customer exclaim, "Wow! You're nails are so pretty!"  How cute is that?!  I might also add that I had this on my nails for four days straight (a record for me!) and the chunky glitters hide the tip wear really well!  You can only see it up close.
Every time I want to mattify my nails I think of Chalkboard Nails who loves to mattify her glittery manicures.  It is an inspiration every time I see it done!
Doesn't it look cool?!
And because I couldn't wait to swatch it later, I quickly put one coat of I Wear My Jewelry On My Nails over my whole manicure to see just how dense it really is!  I used one brush load for THREE nails!  There is no top coat as I was planning on taking it off immediately afterwards, so it is uneven looking.
Look how well it covers!  Isn't that crazy cakes???  I can't wait to use this again! It is definitely my new #1 favorite from Lacquistry!
I hope you enjoyed today's post!  I have enjoyed wearing this manicure!  I sure hate to take it off...
To buy Lacquistry polish, visit Jenna's Etsy website by clicking HERE.
To buy Zoya, Click HERE.


Sarah said...

Looks fabulous! I love Lacquistry and I love matte and I love glitter gradients! I'm all over this mani :D

Colorsplashnails said...

I have been on the fence about this polish, simply because I keep filling my cart too full every I think it will have to be a priority my next order. GORGEOUS mani! I love the tips and the matte look, too. =)

Jenn said...

See!? I love my Set In Stones as much as you love this one!!!!!! Of course, yours has many more shapes and colors in it!
Beautiful manicures, Sis!

illustratedlady said...

Thanks Sarah! Your blog is an inspiration to me!
Colorsplash, GET OFF THE FENCE! This is my favorite so far and you know better than anyone how much I love lacquistry! :o)
Jenn, thank you!