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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Manicure #1-French Tip with a Twist

I've decided to do "Seven Days of Valentine's Manicures!"  Today through Valentine's Day, I will be showing you different manicures you can wear for V-Day!  I am not a fan of V-Day.  I think it is totally geared toward the romantic woman.  Chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, jewelry, dressing up, going out, reservations...I don't need any of that stuff!  I also don't see anything that is geared towards what a man would want. Where are the fishing lures, beer, camping, football? ANYWAYS, I have finally found a good thing about V-Day-creative manicures!!!
 So, I am a huge fan of French tips with a twist. Before I got into polish, my idea of "creative" was a classic french tip. :o)  I still love Frenchies, but with a much more rebellious twist!  Today, I put on a base of OPI Heart Throb, a pale pink creme made just for french lovers.  I have had this one for many years!
On my tips I have a base of Nina Ultra Pro Glamrock-a dense charcoal glitter. This is still one of my favorite glitters!
If you want an elegant and even more understated look, you can apply a matte top coat, like I did here...

This reads very formal but classy, elegant but sassy.
 How can you NOT love french tips that look like this?
 This look is not just for Valentine's Day; you can wear this anytime!  It will definitely class up any look.
 This is what it looks like from arms length away...
 I can't decide if I like the glossy look or the matte better!  They are both so beautiful!
Come back tomorrow for  Valentine's Day Mani #2!!!


pinkladysz from Saima's Salon said...

Love it. That glitter looks like CG Some Like It Haute x

MakeupForView said...

Very pretty nails!