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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never Polish Haul!

I forgot to post a haul awhile ago, so some of these polishes have already been used in my posts!  As a matter of fact, in this first picture, I have already worn all of these!  I bought two of the China Glaze Magnetix at Sally's, swung over to CVS and bought Sinful Black, and got this awesome China Glaze GR8 from the OMG Collection from the wonderful Ashley of Ashley is Polish Addicted! You can see my sorry attempt at using the magnet and the China Glaze polishes HERE.  You can also see my posts about the beautiful China Glaze GR8 HERE and HERE!  I fooled around with nail art for that one!
I just made my first order of Dollish Polishes!  I held out for a long time, spending all of my money with Lacquistry and Nail-venturous; but when Dollish Polish busted out a picture of Spank You Very Much, I KNEW I had to have it!  It combines my two favorite colors-blue and purple!
 Here is a close-up of Spank You Very Much.  It is truly amazing!  I believe that it could make my top 5 polishes of 2012!  Click HERE to see yesterday's post of it!
 Next up is Dollish Polish Random Dancing.  I decided I wanted this one when I did the comparison post of three multi-glitters: Lynnderella's The Glittering Crowd, Lacquistry's A Friggin' Circus, and Sephora by OPI's Spark-tacular Top Coat.  I am sooo glad I bought this!  I can tell already that it will not look like any of the others!  Click HERE to see my post about the previously mentioned multi-glitters.
 I bought a mini-bottle of Bikini Bottom. I bought a mini because I am not too sure about coral on my skin tone. The shimmer in this is fantastic!  I can't wait to try this one!
 Next, I swapped with my friend, Emily, for A England Guinevere.   Perfect dusty grey lavender.
 Okay, so yesterday, I got my Buy 3 Get 3 Zoya's in the mail!   Can you say, "Michelle loves PURPLE?"  I chose five purples and one black matte!  Thanks to Sheila at Pointless Cafe for her amazing purple swatches that helped me decide which purples to buy!
 UP first is Zoya Dovima and Zoya Jem...
 Next is Zoya Tru and Zoya Neeka... Thanks to my friend, Marnie at Ambiance Shopfor letting me borrow her Zoya Tru!  I had to have it after that!
 Lastly, is Zoya Demi and Zoya Keiko. Yes, I know that to the untrained eye, they look the same, but they're NOT!  I PROMISE!  I REALLY DO!  I know you guys get it, so I'll stop yelling.
 And finally, some Hits Mari Moons that I have been lemming over on the Llarowe website for a very long time!  Well, ever since I bought Daring!  Here we have Artsy, Dreamer, and Unconventional.  I LOVE these duo chromes!
To buy Dollish Polish on Etsy, click HERE.  She is currently closed due to a huge volume of orders she is going through, but you can sign up for an email update as to when she reopens.
To "Like" Dollish Polish on Facebook, click HERE.
Clickety-click right HERE to buy A-England and Hits Mari Moon from Llarowe.  She also stocks many other international brands as well!
To buy Zoya, click HERE.


Samantha said...

Those are the same magnet ones i got.havent tryed them yet but im gonna attempt to monday

Pointless Cafe said...

So YOU'RE the one person who reads my blog! LOL! But seriously...great picks!

Jacqui said...

Awesome haul!!! I just ordered my first Dollish polishes the other day, I almost bought Random Dancing but I passed. After seeing your bottle shots, I'm totally regretting it right about now!