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Friday, March 16, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix-Who said it was easy?

I went to Sally's Beauty to check things out (Heehee) and there sat the new China Glaze Magnetix Collection!  I was curious about them, they were half off,  and I love China Glaze, so I picked up two colors!  First up is Pull Me Close.  Both of these polishes were very close to being one-coaters. Some nails, I used one coat, but a few I used two.  Application was easy-close to A England status!
First of all, the polishes themselves go on easily!  If done carefully, they could be one coaters!  The magnet comes with three different magnet designs on them.  The first one is a star.  I set the magnet over my nails as closely as possible without touching, but I touched a few times anyway.  There is a guide on the bottom that is supposed to keep you from touching your nail, but it isn't full-proof nor is it fool-proof!
As you can see, I had issues!  My nails curve left to right too severely for my nail to have the magnet work on the sides of my nail. I tried rotating my nails, but that just caused a muddled look. I had to hold the magnet over my nail for at least ten seconds in order for it to work well.  Below, I used the diagonal magnet.  I had the same issues.  My pinkie nail came out flawlessly though!  :o)  Why can't they all look like that?!
Next is  Drawn To You.    I used the chevron pattern. I had a hard time getting the point centered!  It also would still not get the sides of my nails.  I knew I was failing, so for fun I did a matte top coat on my pinkie and middle finger, just to give you SOMETHING to look at!
I obviously need practice with these magnets.  I have not given up and I believe that it is mostly user issues!  Having said that, I would have bought these polishes based on color alone!  These two colors are beautiful and unlike anything I already own!
Here is a picture of the magnet and Pull Me Close.
Have you tried any magnetic polishes and if so which ones work for you?


jamie in so cal said...

I got 2 of these also! Gonna try them this weekend so i'll let you know what happens ;-)

Nail polish mixologist said...

Hi, I love china glaze's magnetic polishes. I found that the magnet worked instantly when I put it near wet polish. Holding it there for 2-3 seconds is ideal. When it gets closer to 10 seconds it starts to get that muddled look you're talking about. Hopefully this helps.

мιѕѕ.ℓαяα said...

I like how it looks with matte.