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Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Dollish Polish, Spank You Very Much for my new polishes.

 I have had some serious blinders on lately and have not paid much attention to Dollish Polish.  I know that everyone else out there has bought and loved her polishes, but I have been in La-La Land over Lacquistry and Nail-Venturous polishes among others.  Well, when Dollish Polish brought out some new polishes, I saw Spank You Very Much and just about fell over!  It combines my TWO favorite polish colors-blue and purple!
 I bought three polishes (some others I wanted were already sold out) from Dollish Polish. Spank You Ver Much-don't you just LOVE the name?!-is a screaming purple and teal glitter in a clear base. There is way more teal than purple which somehow makes it pop all that much more!
 I decided to layer this over OPI Suede Ink. (More on that at the end of the post.)  Ink was the perfect shade of purple to layer as the base coat for Spank You.  I was really impressed with the formulation!  There was ZERO manipulation of glitter and the formula was fantastic!  On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being very thin and 10 being incredibly thick and 5 being perfect; I would give it a 4.  It was just on the other side of perfect!
 You know you love a polish when you stare at your nails every chance you get and have some regret when you finally take it off.  I even put my hands out in the bathroom mirror at work just to stare at them.  :o)  When I took it off, I wondered,  "When will I get to wear it again?"  :o(   This made me love Dollish!  I can't wait to buy more!
Check out this close up bottle shot...
Here is a quick swatch of OPI Suede Ink.  It is a gorgeous "suede" purple. I like to call it "Prince" purple.  Out of the three brands of matte's I have, Zoya, ManGlaze and OPI, this one was the worst for formulation.  The brush dragged the polish right off my nail when I was doing my them. 
The color is gorgeous however!  Did you know I found this at my local CVS store about a week ago?! They still have some of this color there as a matter of fact!  I have scoured other CVS stores and found no other suedes.   Have you found any at your local CVS?
To buy DOllish Polish on Etsy, click HERE.  She is currently closed due to a huge volume of orders she is going through, but you can sign up for an email update as to when she reopens.
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мιѕѕ.ℓαяα said...

I like the Opi suede ink :)

Jodi said...

I love Dollish Polish!! This one is gorgeous!!

Colorsplashnails said...

Wowzers! This looks AMAZING!!! Now you are making me wish I had thrown this into my shopping cart, too. ^.^ I just placed my first Dollish Polish order and I'm looking forward to seeing my new 'babies' in a couple of weeks!!