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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hit Mari Moon-Daring

This is the last in my series of Mari Moon Matted.  (I do not own the others, so I can't do a post on them.)  Today is Mari Moon Daring.  This is the first Mari Moon I bought, and I actually posted about it HERE awhile ago.  I redid my nails for this post, so that I could show it to you matte!  Let me just say that this one is a stunner!  It shifts from deep lavender to a beautiful muted blue.
 If you click on the pictures, you can see some great detail!
 Like the rest, this did not go on easily. The brush was too large and there were stray bristles.  I had to use three coats, and I prefer to only use two of any polish.  But once it was on my nails and I had done my clean-up, I forgot all about the pain of application.  I really love these duo chromes!  Someone is going to have to tell me what other brands have them!
  Here is Daring matted.  It is so very beautiful!  It reminds me of steel. I don't know why; it just has that strength to it.  Here you can see the blue and lavender shimmer.
In this picture, it actually looks somewhat grey with a hint of lavender at the top!
And one last picture of it's matted goodness!  I love these Mari Moons matted. I may have to buy the others just so I can matte them!
You can buy Hits Mari Moons, and a host of other international brands at Llarowe, run by the amazing Leah Anne.  Click HERE to visit her site.  Thanks for reading my series on Matted Mari Moons!  I hope you enjoyed it!

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PolishAddicted said...

This looks very nice on you!!