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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hits Mari Moon Matted-Artsy

Today is part 3 in my series of Mari Moon Matted.  Before I start, I want to confess something. All of the names of the Mari Moons rubbed off when I was using them, and while I was able to figure out Daring and Unconventional, I was having a hard time deciphering the other two-Artsy and Dreamer.  I realized I screwed up and my first of the series was actually DREAMER!  I have fixed the mistake, but I am sorry if I confused you!  Today is actually Artsy!  
 Artsy is a beautiful duo-chrome that flashes deep purple to royal blue chrome!
 There is also some lighter berry purple in there as well.  I love these Mari Moons, and even though they are Brazilian nail polishes, Llarowe makes things easier on those of us Stateside by selling them through her website!  I bought all of mine through her, and shipping was fast and painless.
 Artsy applied just like the rest of them, it was a pain in my booty, but I got through it and promptly forgot the pain when I saw my nails!  How could you not?!  Look at it!
Artsy translates beautifully when matted.  It somehow still looks chrome-just MATTED chrome!  The colors stay largely the same, unlike Dreamer, with one exception.
 When you tilt your nails to an extreme angle, you get a bronze looking flash of color!  All I can say is, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"
I love my Mari Moons Matted!  Have I made a believer out of you yet?
To see Part 1-Dreamer, click HERE.
To see Part 2-Unconventional, click HERE.
You can buy Hits Mari Moons, and a host of other international brands at Llarowe, run by the amazing Leah Anne.  Click HERE to visit her site


Squared said...

This nail color is amazing!! LOVE IT Love it!!! I was thinking you might like to participate on our Lotus Mendes ring giveaway. Beautiful pieces! here's the link in case you like them :D

cynthia decker said...

I love these! You did a great