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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lacquistry Paean of the Bells Over China Glaze Stone Cold

Hello to my 300 followers! Welcome to my little world of mainly indie brand glitter polishes! Thank you all for finding me interesting enough to follow!  I am working on a 300 follower giveaway, so stay tuned for that. :o)
THIS is what I expected The Hunger Games Collection to look like.  Katniss Everdeen, as the girl on fire, would have been wearing a costume like THIS. 
I bought Lacquistry's Paean of the Bells after seeing I'm Feeling Nail-venturous' drool-worthy swatch of it on her blog. Since she did such an amazing job of showing it off, I decided to do something different and put it over China Glaze Stone Cold-the only Hunger Games polish that I fell in love with.  Plus, I like the irony of layering something so fiery over something named "Stone Cold."
 When I finished my manicure, at first I was put off by it. It was so over the top, I was in shock!  And that's saying a lot for me-the glitter obsessed!  I was also a little distracted by the black outline around each nail and orange is far from my favorite color. :o/  But I got over it.  And quickly!  You just cannot go wrong with Lacquistry, can you?!  This polish is LOADED DOWN with glitter of every size!
 There are an immense amount of glitters in this bottle!  I would consider them to be a burnt orange (no pun intended!)  This applies like very Lacquistry I own:  It covers evenly and has no drag. There are so many glitters, you almost have to PUT SOME BACK!  No lie.
 I used one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite. I probably should have put another coat of Seche, but I was lazy!
Here are a couple of bottle shots of this gorgeous burnt orange glitter!
 Bottle shots...
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Megan @ Let There Be Lacquer said...

That orange is SO great! love the large hexies!

Presh Polish said...

omg! This looks so intense!

Christie B. said...

This is just gorgeous!

thepolishwell said...

Girl on fire indeed!! Love!!

illustratedlady said...

Intense is definitely the right word! And thank you all for commenting! It makes me so happy to see that! Large hexes are my favorite!

Jamie in So Cal said...

This is so gorgeous! I never would have thought to pair these up, yet they look so amazing together. Luckily, I have both of these polishes coming in the mail (thanks to your previous post about Stone Cold), so this will definitely be on my nails!