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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lake Placid On Acid On Nubbins.

This post is written with a mixture of sadness and excitement.  Sadness, because I broke two nails and had to cut them all down.  Excitement because I finally get to show you Lacquistry's Lake Placid on Acid...on nubbins.  Sadness because it would look soooo much better on longer nails!  I guess it's just as well, since longer nails with this polish on it would have blinded a normal human being!  
I started off with a base coat of Max Factor Graffiti. It is a shimmering emerald green polish that is only found in the UK.
I layered two coats of Lacquistry's Lake Placid on Acid over Graffiti.  It is a beautiful mixture of emerald green and electric blue large and medium hexes and mixed in a sea of micro glitters. It is super dense!  No maneuvering glitter with this one!  They came out readily!    The only bad part was trying to get the glitter off. Even with the foil method, I had to pick some off my nail!
Here is a bottle shot...
And here is my first super duper close up bottle shot!  What do you think?
There is a reason this polish is so popular!  It is STUNNING.  When it comes to style, I have a thing for emerald green, royal blue, and black together.  I have bought shoes and jewelry and shirts in those combos. This polish would match it all perfectly!
Some of you may be wondering why I love this so much when I am not a green polish fan!  This has the perfect mixture of blue and green together!  The only thing I would do differently next time is have  a royal blue base coat!  Even one of my friends asked me if this polish was blue or green!  It really does make you wonder when you look at it!
Thanks to Jenna for a true winner in my book!  I love it Jenna!
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Mel, Glassflecked. said...

omg! this is amazing.. graffiti looks like water!

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

I love this color. And I like your nails this length. But then again, it takes me weeks to get that kind of length on my little nail beds. Jealous.

Marnie said...

I'd like to play on that lake! Color is gorgeous and your nubbins are about as long as my nails get before they start breaking. I love it! Can't wait til she re-opens!

MoDiddie said...

Oh now that's pretty!

Glowstars said...

You want nubbins? Check out my latest swatches. Those are nubbins. I'd be acting like I'd just won the lottery if i could get my nails as long as yours are now!