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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nail-Venturous Lacquer's Mosiac Wonder

Amy's Etsy shop opens in ONE DAY!  WOOHOO! Are you excited?  I am so excited and in anticipation of that opening, I am going to show you one of her polishes that is VERY different....Mosaic Wonder.
Mosaic Wonder is a clear base with tiny little mosaic pieces in it.  What I didn't expect was the multitude of blue, green and orange glitter in it!  This is not your ordinary glitter. This glitter seems to glow even in the shade!  (You really need to click on the pictures to get the full effect!)
I do not know what the little mosaic pieces are made of... They look like miniature pieces of mosaic in multi-colors.  They are quite chunky and have many different shapes.  I used a base coat of Sinful Black on one hand. (By the way, what a great black!  It's a one coater!)   It really shows off this polish to its best advantage.  I used one coat of Mosaic Wonder on top of that.  The glitter comes out easily, but the mosaic pieces are tricky. Because they are so heavy, they sink and stay at the bottom of the bottle. I took about two minutes to roll the bottle around and let the pieces break apart.  When they finally broke loose and filled the bottle, I tipped the bottle upside down to make sure I had plenty of mosaic pieces to put on my nail. After about three nails, I noticed I needed to turn the bottle upside down again.
You can see the mosaic pieces are chunky. I used one coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite over it. This made it less bumpy.
I decided to use a different color on my other hand.  This polish reminded me of beach glass, so I wanted something the color of sand, and I chose Cult Nails Power Thief.  I forgot how beautiful this color is!  I don't think it shows off Mosaic Wonder as well as basic black does, but I still like it.

Here are more pictures.  I did almost no manipulating of the mosaic pieces. I did fish out about three red pieces just because I really liked them!  All others came out on their own.
This polish is not for beginners nor is it for the faint of heart.  But if you truly love one of a kind polishes, and you have the patience for it, then this one is for you!  It caught the eye of one of the construction guys that comes into my shop. He said, "Wow!  Pretty polish! What is that?" Then he promptly looked embarrassed for having said it.  :o)
I must say you and I are in for a real treat when Amy opens up her Etsy shop tomorrow evening!  Her bottles of polish are like art in a bottle.  I have really seen nothing like them!
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