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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nail-venturous Man-Maid Dreams

PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  What you are about to see might make you cry!  If you love green polishes, then you are about to have a huge lemming!  If you hate green polishes (like me) then you are about to be converted (like me!)  This hand-made (Man-Maid?) polish I am about to show you is created by the super sweet Amy over at I'm Feeling Nail-venturous.  And this polish will be for sale on her Etsy site as a LIMITED EDITION.  It is called Man-Maid Dreams. Feast your hungry eyes on this...
This fantastic polish is a metallic green with TONS of gold flakes in it and some gold glitter.  What you see here is two coats that applied like a...DREAM!  I had ZERO application issues and only one coat of Seche Vite made it smooth as glass!
Before this polish, I had only four greens-two khaki colors, A England's St. George and ManGlaze ILF.  But no REAL greens.  They just didn't seem to look good on me!  Man-Maid Dreams makes me believe that there is still hope!    I think this color would look good on anyone!
 The abundance of gold flakes in this polish gives it a foil-like appearance that reads wonderfully sophisticated to me.  The occasionally piece of gold glitter adds just the right touch as well!
This polish has some real staying power. It lasted through three days of work with barely any tip wear.  This could be my new go-to green! Make sure you put this on your wish list and get it while it's there!
 Here is a bottle shot...
And of course, my arms-length away photo...

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alex said...


Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Wow! These are really great swatches!!!! I am so glad you love it!

illustratedlady said...

Thanks Amy! Just hoping I do you justice! LOL