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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nail-Venturous Polish-Oceanic Paradise!

So, by now you know that I am on a MAJOR Nail-venturous swatching frenzy!  You would be too if you just got thirteen of her polishes!  Today is one of the beautiful blues called Oceanic Paradise...
no base
So I did one hand with no colored base coat and one hand with a base coat.  On these first few pictures I used two coats of Oceanic Paradise.  This beautiful teal blue glitter is packed with glitters!  I saw silver bars, small sliver hexes, teal bars, teal hexes and fine glitters.  THOSE all came out of the bottle in spades!  The larger teal and blurple hexes did not come out so readily and the ones you see on my nails I manipulated on.
no base
Oceanic Paradise is an eye-catching teal blue. I almost thought it leaned more green, but I was wrong. :o)  Maybe that's why the ocean reference. It reminds me of pictures of the water in Hawaii...
no base
The larger blueish-purple hexes are AWESOME!  They were the perfect match to put with the teal color. I only wish there were way more in the bottle. :o(    Here is an arms -length away shot.
no base
I wanted to see what the polish would look like with a solid base under it, so I put two coats of ManGlaze's ILF before putting one coat of Oceanic Paradise.  That's right. It only took one coat with a base!  I prefer to have a solid base coat with a glitter polish because I really like having a solid edge of color around my nail bed. If you compare the pics, you can see what I mean!
ManGlaze ILF as a base coat.
There is something refreshing about this polish that screams "vacation by the sea" to me!  All I need is a bathing suit and some suntan lotion and I would be set!
Base Coat
This polish was pretty thick and gritty, but one coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite smoothed it right out!
Base Coat
Here is a bottle shot of this gorgeous teal beauty! If you are a blue polish girl like I am, then this is a must have!

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