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Monday, March 5, 2012

Nail-venturous Polish-Pinkerbell!

Are you tired of my Nail-venturous polishes yet?  Me neither!  Since I have shown you two polishes that will not be available to the public, I felt bad and will now show you one that she will be selling on Etsy-i'ts called Pinkerbell!  
Pinkerbell is a MATTE glitter in pink, blue, and, yellow!  Here is how Amy describes it: "Pinkerbell has matte blue and yellow fine glitter and bright pink ultra fine glitter in a clear base." Now my application of this was not normal. I put on two coats of Pinkerbell and then used one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite. When I woke up the next morning, I thought I need a third coat, so I put another coat of Pinkerbell over everything. Then I put ANOTHER coat of Gelous and Seche Vite over that!  Obviously, I would just recommend three coats of Pinkerbell or use a colored base coat.
 Since Pinkerbell had matte glitter (something I had never even heard of!), I decided to put a matte top coat on over it!  This is really unlike anything I have ever seen! It reminds me of elementary school!  It's really light-hearted and fun!
The application of Pinkerbell was somewhat thick.  I thought it would be really squishy after three coats, but it wasn't!  I foresee my niece wanting to use this one!
Here is a bottle shot of Pinkerbell.  She is full of fun and whimsy!  I can really see why this polish is so popular!  It is unlike anything I have come across!
And as usual, my arms length away shot...
 Amy will be opening up shop on Etsy in a few weeks.  To stay updated on that go "Like" her Facebook page and follow her blog!

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Samantha said...

That is one unusual looking polish. I love it! I can't wait for it to go on sale :D

Colorsplashnails said...

Gorgeous polish! Another one I can't wait to add to my collection. :) Btw, I gave you The Laine Blogger Award on my blog post today! =)

Treesponge said...

I hope you don't mind, but I nominated you for some blog awards because I love reading your blog!

Post is here:

Nail Polish Anonymous said...

having a case of nail envy right now lol i love it i order floam and voodoo the other day i'm sooo excited

illustratedlady said...

Thank you all! I don't feel like my pics really even captured the beauty of this polish! Glad to know you like it!