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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mari Moon Unconventional-MATTED

Today, I will be showing you Hits Mari Moon Unconventional. Yesterday, I started the four-part series with Artsy.
Unconventional is a stunningly beautiful burgundy-wine red.  As far as reds go, I like them, but I am extremely picky about them.  As a result, I only have eight in my stash!  (Isn't that awful?)  This one is fantastic as far as shades go!
The duo chrome in it didn't show up for me very well. What you see in my pictures is what I saw on my nails. I barely saw a slight purple on the ends of my nails when I turned them.
Like Artsy, the application was still really awkward and painful; but like Artsy, I forgot about it the moment I was finished!  The red is OUTSTANDING!
Now, as if that wasn't enough, check it out matted!  The red is still just as beautiful and the purple shows up just a tad at an angle.   Can you believe how it still looks chrome after it is matted?!
 Now, if only Hits would make their bottle brushes better, and the polish a bit more opaque, it would be perfect!
Do me a favor, comment and tell me what YOUR favorite red is!  I have a really hard time finding reds that I like!
You can buy Hits Mari Moons, and a host of other international brands at Llarowe, run by the amazing Leah Anne.  Click HERE to visit her site.


Mel, Glassflecked. said...

This is stunning! I have many favorite reds.. the 2 coming to mind are DL Just Walk Away Renee & OPI Smitten With Mittens

GaffoRama said...

My favorite red is OPI So Hot it Berns because it's one of the first I ever bought and China Glaze Poinsettia because it's such an increadible jelly!

Valerie said...

My fave is DL It's Raining Men , LOVE IT. It's a gorgeous smooth jelly