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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Water Marble with A England Guinevere.

Someone mentioned something a few weeks ago that really stuck with me. They said that a certain color of polish was their palette cleanser and I immediately related to that.  Grey cremes were my palette cleanser.   It was what I went to when I had had enough of the glitter and the holo.  I love grey creme! And then I met Guinevere.  My friend, Emily, swapped her with me, and I immediately fell in love. I have already posted about her and haven't even had her for a month yet!  She is a beautiful dusty grey lavender creme. It is just what I need when I have had an overdose of glitter!
Of course, the need for a palette cleanser doesn't last long.  Just ask anyone who eats sushi and uses the ginger in between bites.  I quickly decided that I needed to make Guinevere more interesting, so I water marbled her!  I used SH White, Zoya Kelly, and Guinevere on my first hand.
Water marbling is what got me into nail polish and blogging in the first place. I was looking for nail art and stumbled across My Simple Little Pleasures' YouTube videos on water marbling.  I watched her tutorials for HOURS.  I was so hooked! To check them out, click HERE.
Sometimes, I have too many ideas in my head for the same polishes, so I will do my other hand differently.  This time, I did my left hand with just Guinevere and white.
Thumbs are never in my pictures, but when it comes to water marbling, every nail is different! Here is my thumb. :o)
 And another close-up of two of my fingers... I am sad to say that this manicure lasted less than 24 hours. I went plumbing the next day for the first time in 3 years, and the polish all peeled off. I am glad o say though, that I didn't lose any nails!

 Do you have a palette cleanser? And if so, is it a type of polish or is it a color? What are your thoughts on water marbling?


Mel, Glassflecked. said...

Gorgeous marbling!

Pointless Cafe said...

I LOVE them! Seriously gorgeous. And Great color choices and combos!

Sarah said...

Love those colors together! It came out great. Colette's videos and blog got me hooked on nail art and blogging too, lol!

Jamie in So Cal said...

Water marbling got me hooked too! Along w/your blog ;-) I love water marbling because it's fun & the results are stunning and different every time. I just got polish-addicted in mid-Feb, so I haven't had need of a palette cleanser...I'm still having too much fun! :-D

Squared said...

i loveee this!!I always fail at doing marbling :(!