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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World's Shortest Post! Nerd Lacquer Shiny!

This will be my shortest post with only one picture.  I actually took about 7 pictures, but only one turned out and I had already changed my manicure... Oh well!  On to the post...

I traded my friend Marnie from Ambiance Shop and I got this bright blue Nerd Lacquer named Shiny.  Shiny is, well SHINY.  A little TOO shiny.  As in BRIGHT.  As a matter of fact, it was so bright blue, I needed to add some dark to it, so I put a french tip of A England Ascalon to make it more me.  
So, as my hubby and I were watching tv, he stops, and stares at my nails and says, "I can get behind that one."   LOL!  OF COURSE, he would like the one I am not that into!  Does that ever happen to you???
(I have a lot of commas in this post. Sorry!)
Apparently, I love doing blue and grey french tips, because I have done them before.
Click HERE to see Hits Poseidon with Nina Ultra-Pro GlamRock french tipped!


Ashesela said...

(If you ever decide to get rid of this beauty *cough* I would gladly swap for it XD!!)

мιѕѕ.ℓαяα said...

Looks nice :)

illustratedlady said...

Thank you! and Ashesela, I will keep that in mind!