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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dollish Polish Bikini Bottom

After that four part series I just finished on the matted Mari Moons, I am wiped out!  Today, I am going to keep it simple with a very bright coral made by Dollish Polish!  I just placed my first order with Dolish Polish and have already reviewed Spank You Very Much.   I LOVED it and am excited to order more from her!  I bought Bikini Bottom as a spur of the moment purchase and I picked it up in a mini size since I am not a huge coral fan.
Bikini Bottom is BRIGHT just like Bikini Bottom in Sponge Bob Square Pants.  This bright coral polish has a great shimmer that keeps this from being a true creme. You can click on the pictures to see it better!
Application was a bit hard, but I attribute that to the tiny tester bottle and brush that I had bought. The polish itself did have a couple of issues.  It took three coats to become opaque and it had some self-leveling problems.  In all, it is a beautiful bright coral with a great shimmer!
To "Like" Dolish Polish on Facebook and get updates on the reopening of her shop, click HERE.
Her Etsy shop is closed at the moment while she fills orders, but you can bookmark her site HERE.


jackieee said...

i cannot wait until her shop opens up again! this is a really cute color!

Nail Polish Anon said...

i love bikini bottom too! It really reminds me of Patrick! i don't have any trouble with the mini dollish bottles/brushes though! Perhaps I'm just used to them because I have so many!!!

Lizzy O. said...

Such a happy and sweet color! Love the name.