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Friday, April 13, 2012

Haul Post-Swaps With Friends!

Tonight is a mini haul post.  For personal reasons, I am unable to spend much money at all on nail polish, unless I make the money myself.  So, I have decided to do mostly swaps with friends and fellow nail bloggers!  Today, I have swaps with three fellow bloggers.  
My first swap is with Stephanie from The Glitter Jitters. She is a sweetheart who loves a good indie glitter polish just like me!  Here is the super cute package she sent me wrapped up like a piece of candy! 
Inside, she had three items for me!  Her very own holographic franken that she named "Oops!", Candeo South Street, and WnW Fantasy Makers from the Halloween Collection!
This mini bottle of Oops is a deep holographic franken.  You can read her post about it HERE.  I can not WAIT to try this and I feel so privileged to even have it!  Thank you Steph!

Candeo South Street is a multi-colored glitter. (Some of you are laughing because you know I LOVE multi-colored glitters!  See my posts about them HERE and HERE.)  Stephanie thought she had gotten two in her basket, but only got one and gave it to me anyway!  WOW. That is unselfishness right there!
My last one from Stephanie is WnW Fantasy Makers. It is a multi-colored BAR glitter!  Wohoo!  Now my life is complete!  Stephanie, thank you so much and I hope you like yours as much as I like mine!  Please go look at and follow Sephanie at The Glitter Jitters. She has a TON of excellent indie brands to show off and she is brand new to the blogging world!
Next up is a swap I did with Traci of The Trace Face Philes. If you haven't heard of her, then I am not sure where you've been.  Traci  had been trying really hard to get a certain nail polish that I already had, so I sent her that one in return for THIS BEAUTY!!!!!!!  Nubar Reclaim is a deep linear holographic green that I fell in love with while reading The Pointless Cafe and Ashley Is Polish Addicted's posts on it. My post on it will be later this week! Thank you, Traci!

My last "swap" is with an old jr. high friend, Marnie from Ambience Shop, who works across the street from me. Sometimes we let our polishes spend the night at each others houses.  :o)  Lacquistry's Frostbitchin' is one I have been wanting to try out forever, and Marnie is letting me borrow it!   Marnie was also able to snag me Nailventurous' Burst of Blue at the last opening!

Burst of Blue is really jaw dropping!  And if I didn't already have a manicure "planned" for tomorrow, it would be on my nails right now!
Here is a close up of Frostbitchin'.  Yummy bluey goodness!
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Ashesela said...

What wonderful polishes!! :D I am looking forward to your swatches! ^-^

Aleta Colucci said...

I see I'm not the only tombstone collecter. :) This is the last one I need...I think. I discover a new one like every other day.

Sandra said...

So much glitter! Love it! :D

Ashleigh said...

Awesome nail mail! :)

Fashion Blawger said...

What a great idea to swap with friends. Hmmm... Great nail looks on here! <3
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Stephanie Savas said...

Aleta, send me an email at, I'm the Stephanie traci traded with. I have two extra black magics (I cleaned out a guy selling 6 on eBay!) maybe we can come up with a trade, I'd love to help you complete your collection.

illustratedlady said...

Thanks everyone! I am a sucker for glitters. The only real non-glitter polishes I buy are Zoya's and any holographic polishes!