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Monday, April 9, 2012

KB Shimmer-Summer Sun and Party

I am totally lagging on posting. And it's not that I don't have any swatches!  I have several ready; they just need to be written about!  Of course, I am long winded, so it ends up taking time; and therefore I LAG.  Enough about my procrastination this week!  Today, I am going to show you my purchase from KB Shimmer!  KB Shimmer is another indie brand on Etsy.  Oddly,  I bought a bright yellow with gorgeous pink glitter called Summer Sun.
It went on easily in two coats, and I had no issues with application. Of course, I am not even a fan of yellow, so I added some pink stamping to it.  It actually matches the flower on the bottle!
Next is Party-a white milky base with multi colored small glitters in it and some mid-size hex glitters and then these strange thick square chunks.  I have to say, that KB Shimmer should have left out the square chunks. They look awkward and out of place.  This polish would have been much better with just the smaller multi-glitters in it.
Here is a close-up.  It looks better with just the small glitters, don't you think?
You can buy from KB Shimmer Etsy store, by clicking HERE.

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Jessica said...

Summer Sun looks amazing! I just swatched Proud Peacock on my blog