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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Custom by NailVenturous-Playful

So you've seen it in my haul post and you've seen it in my 300 Follower giveaway!  I am finally going to show you the real deal!  Today's nail polish is a custom nail polish made for me by Amy Day of Nailventurous Lacquers.  Before she decided to open an Etsy shop and sell her amazing polishes, I had conducted a swap of epic proportions with her.  I asked for thirteen of her handmade polishes PLUS TWO custom polishes!  I have already posted about the thirteen polishes.  (Click HERE for a list of the posts.) 
I had asked Amy to make me a neon purple and blue glitter polish with "maybe some neon green or pink" glitter thrown in.  This is the amazing beauty that she came up with!  It is a bright purple jelly base with neon blue medium glitter and neon green micro glitter.  Now, I have had the pleasure of trying many of Amy's polishes, and this one is in the top three of her polishes when it comes to flawless application!  The polish layered well, and you could easily see the glitter between layers!  I had NO issues with it at all.
Amy continues to amaze me with her creativity and uniqueness. I didn't even think I liked jelly bases, but I was SO WRONG!  As long as they apply like this, I LOVE them!
I seriously couldn't have asked for more in this polish!  It is so stunning!  If you have been reading my blog, then you know I have a weakness for purple polish and blue polish comes in a close second!  This is everything I need wrapped into one!
Can you see the micro green glitters?
Believe it or not, I am sad that no one else gets to own this polish.  This is easily in the top three of my favorites from Nailventurous!  For that reason, I ordered two of them from Amy, so that one person could also have this polish!  Head on over to my 300 Follower Giveaway to enter for a chance to win Playful!  Click HERE to enter my giveaway.
Amy did ask that I make it clear that she is NOT doing custom orders at this time.  This was an agreement that she and I had BEFORE she had decided to open an Etsy shop.  :o)

Amy is currently filling orders from her last opening!  To be notified of her Etsy shop reopening, click HERE.

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Kas said...

I really like that. But my best friend would LOVE it. :P

Marnie said...

Absolutely gorgeous Michelle. I want it I want it I want it. Pick me please :)

Heather LFS said...

I would LOVE to try a jelly polish. Don't have any as yet, but maybe I will win and have the chance! I love thiese colors together!