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Monday, April 2, 2012

NailVenturous Lacquers Pardi Gras over Zoya Neeka

Today I have something special to show you, but before I do, I want to show you what I used as my  base coat.  
I recently took advantage of the Zoya Buy 3, Get 3 Free promo, and Zoya Neeka was one of my choices!  Purple is my favorite nail color and smoky purples are even better!  Neeka applied like a dream in two coats, and there are light purple shimmers in it! Pretty, isn't it?
On top of Zoya Neeka, I layered the last Nailventurous Lacquer that I swapped Amy for-PARDI GRAS!!!!
Since Pardi Gras will be for sale in Amy's Etsy shop at some point and time
UPDATE:  I was just informed by Amy, that this will NOT be for sale in her Etsy shop. I apologize for the misinformation!
 I wanted to get in depth here about this polish.  Pardi Gras is a translucent GREEN base with tiny micro purple glitters, mid-sized gold hexes, and large gold HOLO hexes along with large green hexes!  Feast your eyes on this...
This is two coats of Pardi Gras over Neeka.  The polish was not too thick and it went on fairly easily. The glitters all behaved themselves and laid down well.  The only cons were that the medium-sized glitters clumped together a bit and with any large glitter polish, I did have to give the bottle a very thorough shake before using.  I used one coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite to top it off and it was smooth as glass!
 I can see why everyone wants this polish!  It is super festive and screams party!  I love how Amy puts colors together that you wouldn't expect.  I've never been to Mardi Gras, but from what I understand these are the prominent colors of Mardi Gras.  I love that Amy brings her state and its culture into her nail polishes!  I wish more indie brands would do that.  Wouldn't it be great to see an Arizona desert color or a Manhattan city lights glitter?  Pennsylvania's autumn leaves or Hawaii's volcanic matter? That is something every indie brand could do and it would be so different from everything else!  Anyway, back on subject!
If all that isn't enough, I wanted to really capture the holo that is in the gold glitter hexes!  Here is a close up shot!  How sick is that?!
I really expected the base to be purple. In the bottle it looks purple and on the nail over Neeka, it looks purple, but look at it on white paper!  It is a sage green!  What a shocker!
Here are three coats of Pardi Gras over bare nails to give you an idea of what it looks like alone. The micro purple glitters are so dense that it still gives off a purple hue!
I also swatched it on a nail wheel.
On the left, I swatched one coat over ManGlaze ILF simply because of the green base.  On the right are two coats of Pardi Gras alone!  I did no manipulating of the glitters on any of these swatches. What you see came out on its own in every picture!   Great job, Amy!  This is sure to sell right off your site in no time!  If you change your mind, Amy, I'm sure it will sell out quickly!  I had 140+ pins on this on my Pinterest account last night!

 If you are curious as to how I was able to get so many Nailventurous polishes, I had a swap with Amy before she had decided to open up an Etsy shop.  I swapped with her for thirteen of her polishes and two customs (in a haul post coming soon)!  I saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to get her handmade polishes.  I was a stranger to her at the time, but have gotten to know her through emails and Facebook.   Like everyone else, I am trying to buy the ones I don't have through her Etsy shop.   (I missed out on both openings because I was driving home from work, and wasn't able to get any, although a friend of mine snagged two for me. Thank you, Marnie!)   Please be patient with her and her Etsy store selling out!  She is a very sweet person who will bend over backward trying to make everyone happy, which-as we all know-is impossible to do.  I would hate to see her burn out.  Patience is key!  

Amy is currently filling orders from her last opening!  To be notified of her Etsy shop reopening, click HERE.

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Lizzy O. said...

This looks gorgeous over Neeka!

I like it alone too, but your layering is so pretty! Love!

MaryMagnolia said...

i am dying for this polish!!!!!