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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NUBAR RECLAIM has made me a green polish fan!

Have you heard of Nubar Reclaim? It is an older polish by Nubar, but I only recently jumped on the bandwagon, since I have consistently tried green nail polishes and they never look good on me!  Well, SAY NO MORE.  I have found the perfect green EVER.  So perfect, in fact, I took forty pictures and had serious trouble editing down! So today is a spamming of Nubar Reclaim!
This is my first (but not last) Nubar.  Application was a dream. Think A England quality.  I needed virtually no clean up and I used two thin coats.
The linear holo in this is superb!  The green has a dark blue in it that makes me love it on my nails!
You can see the orange, yellow, teal, and even red...
When the sun hits it, sunglasses are almost necessary!
I am close to 200 polishes (small by nail polish standards-I know!) but there are very few that make me stop in the middle of what I am doing to just stare at my nails. And stare. AND STARE.  I looked in the bathroom. I looked while standing at the printer. I peeped at them while helping customers.  I had it bad!
Nubar is founded by a frenchman, and based out of France.  It is 3-free and very high quality.
I actually got this in a swap with Traci from The TraceFace Philes. I had a polish that she wanted, and in return she sent me this one! Thank you, Traci!
 Enough talk, just stare, and stare, and stare. Just don't drool on my page!  Heehee.

Look at this one!!! The holo is unreal!

I put my thumb in here, because it is so long!  My nails are now 3/4" long.  I know I need to cut them, but they have NEVER been this long before and I want to see how far I can push it! Of course, I have seen longer nails, but this is pretty epic for me!
To buy Nubar, you can visit the Harlowe and Co website by clicking HERE.  She also sells a lot of other international polishes like Model's Own, Glitter Gal, and Barry M.


Nails by Diana said...

Wow this green holo looks amazing! Great swatches :)

Juliana Teixeira said...

this is so gorgeous!!! i love greens, and this is freaking gorgeous!!!

mindpolish said...

I'm waiting for this to arrive in the mail... your swatches are awesome!

Aleta Colucci said...

Sexy! I love this color!

PolishAddicted said...

So glad I could help create another Reclaim lover! Pretty soon you will be a green lover too! hehehe

Lizzy O. said...

Well This is gorgeous!

Lovely swatches. Your nails looks amazing!

Glowstars said...

Every time I see pictures of someone wearing this it makes me want to put it on all over again!

Ashleigh said...

I have been wanting this polish for FOREVER now. It is so absolutely beautiful and definitely a good way to get you to like green. :D