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Friday, May 11, 2012

Converting My Sister and My Niece into Nail Polish Freaks!

Have you wondered why I haven't had a blog post in over a week?  My sister, Jennifer, and my 4 year old niece, Victoria, are visiting from PA! They both like nail polish, but this past week, I may have converted that "like" into LOVE.  There first week here, we visited our Aunt a few hours away and got into her nail polish! (More on that in another post!)  Here is Jennifer putting on some China Glaze glitter over a pretty burgundy polish.  My bad for not getting the names of them. :o(  Bad blogger. BAD!
Here is a close-up of her nails with the China Glaze glitter. Anyone recognize it?
And here she is wearing an old Nina Ultra Pro polish.
Victoria loves nail polish and it MUST have glitter!  A girl after my own heart.
I put Julep Meghan on first and then she chose SH Rockstar Pink to put over it! Cute huh?
When we got to my house, Jennifer went a little nutso looking through all my polishes. heehee.  She came out with several in her hand and she narrowed it down to China Glaze Stone Cold with Lacquistry Undertow on top.
Although it isn't pictured, she put Zoya matte Zavita on her toes with Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much over the top!

Victoria loves getting her nails done and I love doing it!
THIS is the reason why I haven't been online this past week. But don't worry!  I will be back in full force with in the week!
Has your nail polish obsession rubbed off on anyone YOU know?
Go check out my sister's blog about nail polish, recipes, nutrition, and my lovely niece at Memoirs of a Muffin Maniac.  She could use some great followers like you all!


PolishAddicted said...

I ♥ this post so hard! Your niece is ADORABLE!!! Glad you are having a fun week! Enjoy every minute of it!

Mel, Glassflecked. said...

what a cutie pie! looks like a lovely week :)

cynthia decker said...

Very happy you got some family time & thrilled you have the gift to convert new followers:)

Glowstars said...

I'm guessing the glitter is chg full spectrum.