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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dandy Nails- Come Out and Play

Are you getting tired of my indie brand posts?  Because I'M NOT!   Today's post is super duper fantastic!  I have already seen it featured on a few blogs, but it is worth looking at many times-I bring to you Dandy Nails Come Out and Play!
Come Out and Play is a freaking amazing polish.  It is a jelly base with matte white hex glitters.  But to describe the color of the jelly base is where I get confused!  In the shade it looks like a purple. In the sun, it looks neon fuchsia. In artificial light, it looks neon dark pink-purple!  Haha!  Have I confused you yet?!  Suffice it to say, that you won't get tired of staring at it.
The formula on Come Out and Play is easy breezy.  It was easy to work with, and my nails were opaque in two coats.  The newer wide brush was nice to work with as well, although harder to use on my pinkie nails.  This is my second Dandy Nails polish and I can tell you that I am a serious fan.  She not only gives you something eye-popping to stare at, but application is truly professional!  I am really becoming a fan of the jelly based polishes with glitter in them. There is something about the simplicity of them I really like.  You will be seeing more jelly glitters on my blog in the coming weeks!
Wear on this polish was amazing also.  I wore this for three days (a record for me) with my tips wrapped, and after the first day, my tips were still completely wrapped!  On every other polish the tips are showing my nail, so this was huge for me!  After three days, I only saw tip wear on 3 nails!  WOW.
To bookmark Dandy Nails, click HERE.  She is actually restocking her shelves at this time, but will be stocking FIVE new colors at her reopening!  You can click above to get an email update as to when she will reopen.


Mel, Glassflecked. said...

so cute! love it

PolishAddicted said...

Love this!!! Your photos are great !

The Silverinator said...

What a great colour on you!

Jacki said...

LOVE!!! this one was already on my list lol

PassionForPolish said...

Ooh gorgeous!!

Treesponge said...

....I wasn't strong. lol. this is too pretty!