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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Officially Can't Stop Hauling! New Haul Post!

For someone who is not able to afford much in polishes anymore, I certainly seem to be finding ways to get them!  Even at this writing, I know I have many more on their way to me!  Yippeee!
On to the haul!   First up, I ordered the mini set of 365 Days of Color's new indie polishes!  These were something I could NOT pass up!
There is a black and white called Old Time Movie (great name!) and a multi-colored glitter called Explosion!
Then we have these three: Summer Dreams, Funfetti, and Cotton Candy. All look promising to me! She is setting up shop soon!  For details, go follow her blog with the link above.
Next, a blog follower by the name of Winnie, emailed me asking if I would be willing to part with an impossible to get polish.  I said yes and she sent me my very first Ozotic! This is 506. It was on my wish list for ever! YAY!
I also did a swap with Emily from Dr Phile Good.  She also wanted an impossible to find polish and she gave me these beauties-A England Princess Sabra, a KB Shimmer, and a bottle of Gelous!  Go check out her blog, she is super funny and has great nails.
SoFlaJo asked me to review her polish!  WOW. I felt honored to be asked, and you can read my review of Champagne Cocktail HERE.

I rolled the dice and tried out an indie polish brand on Etsy called FanService Nails.  The one on the left is called Serendipity is My Stripper Name (LOVE IT!) and the beautiful grey is called Ianto Jones.

On that same night, I must've been feeling lucky, because I rolled the dice twice!  This brand is called Aphrodite Lacquers and the bottles are even more beautiful and vivid in person!  This is Grapetini and RumRunner.  Can you believe I bought a RED??  I also seem to be focusing in more on the jellies with glitter in them.

I earned a free Julep Maven box by referring two people!  I chose the American Beauty box as opposed to my It Girl box which I normally receive.   The packaging is always so well thought out and beautiful.
In my box, I received a buffing file, foot cream, and two polishes.
The polish names are Kylie and Effie.  Kylie is a magnetic polish!  Unfortunately, I forgot to put the magnet in the picture.
So what shall I swatch first???


Bárbara ^^, said...

Hauling.. the new epidemics!
I loved the haul ( as HAULways)

Ashleigh said...

What a fantastic haul!

Aha and now you've shown me a few new Etsy polishes. My wallet is not going to forgive me. XDD