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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Favorite Indies-Haul Post

I have an astounding amount of nail polish to swatch, but that didn't stop me from ordering and buying form my top three favorite indie brands!  I will start with Dandy Nails...
I just had to order from her last sale and I bought Through Glass, Look Around, and Wonderwall.
Look Around is a holographic green that just might make it into the tiny pile of greens that I choose to keep.
I am not a huge top coat glitter fan, but Though Glass is an exception.  I have a thing for the holographic glitters!
Wonderwall is a matte periwinkle and white glitter!  Love me some periwinkle!
Secondly, my custom order from Laquistry came in the mail!  Woohoo! I had ordered two more new customs from her and she redid my last three customs because of issues.
First up, my two new customs:  Periwinkle Pearls and Smokehouse Lavender.
I love purples.
If you remember, I had ordered some customs from Jenna last time: I had asked for a red, white and blue polish and a camouflage polish.  Unfortunately, both had severe issues and were unusable, so Jenna remade them for me!
I can't what to try them!
Jenna had thought that all my customs didn't turn out, so she remade Rouhier and Now and called it Rouhier for Michelle.  I let her know that Rouhier and Now had not gone bad, but I HAD to purchase this one anyways because it was so beautiful!
Purple, teal, fuchsia, blue, green!  LOVE IT!
My most favorite indie of all, Nailventurous Lacquers!  I was able to get four of her polishes!
Robin Laid and Egg and Girly Girl...
Flying Blue Jay and Swampy Princess...  I just can't get enough of her polishes!!!
Can you say, "YUMMY?"

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Stephanie Savas said...

My RLaE doesn't have gold, it has yellow....that's weird.