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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Last Haul Post for Awhile-I Think.

This may be my last haul post for awhile. I mean, I do have two more packages coming in the mail, but I simply can not buy anymore polish.  As you may know, my husband was laid off from his job of 15 years about a month ago.  He has since found some work on a commercial crab boat; but has not gotten paid as of yet.  I make half of what I made at my last job, and a year ago we bought a house that is three times what we were used to paying. AAhhhhh, such is life.  THAT my dear ladies is why I really need to stop buying something as frivolous as nail polish. :o/
Having said that, here is what I just could not say no to!  First up is Alter Ego's beautiful nail polishes!
Being a Desert Storm vet and a former Marine, I had to buy these two-Armed Forces Vet and Desert Storm Trigger Puller...
I have a deep love for bikes and purple glitters so I bought BIker Chick and Vintner...
THIS one was the one I have wanted from the beginning-Beachcomber!
Thank you, Cynthia, for your beautiful creations!  I can't wait to try them!
You can buy her polishes HERE.
I finally bought my first Pretty & Polished called Phoenix! I tried to get others but she sold out so fast!
I don't even wear yellows or reds, but this one I could NOT ignore!  To buy from Pretty & Polished, click HERE.
As soon as I saw swatches of Haze Glaze's Texas Walrus, I was BEGGING Hazel to send me one of these!
I adore grey and anytime someone can make grey different by adding a pop of color, I am all about it!  To buy Haze Glaze, click HERE.
MY LYNNDERELLA'S ARRIVED!!!!!   A special thanks to Sheila for helping me to get these beauties!!!!!!!!
Pretty sure these speak for themselves...

So check it out...My sister, my niece and I went to visit my Aunt for a weekend, and she pulls put all of her nail polish and tells me I can have pretty much all of them!  Most of them are super old.  Check out this shoe box filled with polish!
And drum roll please!!!  There was a Sally Hansen Nail Prism in there called Ruby Sapphire!!!!


Sarah said...

Ruby Sapphire is beautiful, nice score from your aunt! I wish I had a back up of that one, but that's one of my SH Prisms that I only have one bottle of.

Pointless Cafe said...

Awesomeness!!! And major score from your aunt! ♥

A Girl and Her Polish said...

Those are some amazing polishes! So jealous! :)