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Thursday, May 3, 2012

SoFlaJo's Champagne Cocktail Over 3 Base Colors!

Today, I am going to show you another indie brand that is new to me!  Today, I will show you SoFlaJo's Champagne Cocktail!  I am sure many of  you have heard or seen swatches of SoFlaJo.  Her polishes are scattered throughout the blogosphere!  One thing I like to do with new polishes is to test them out first "unofficially."  I swatched it on a nail wheel, and it seemed this polish was pretty translucent and would look best over another color.  So, I am going to show you Champagne Cocktail over three different colors.
First up, is Zoya Jem as the base coat.  Zoya Jem is a dark metallic purple-red. I then put one coat of Champagne Cocktail over it...
Champagne Cocktail went on very smoothly and covered really well in one coat.  It covered so well, in fact, that I decided to stick with one coat in all the swatches.  Champagne Cocktail really surprised me! It has a beautiful holographic effect that you can see in all the pictures...
Zoa Jem was the base coat for the first swatch.
For my second swatch, I decided to do the obvious and swatch it over black.  You can see the holographic beauty in these pictures and there are various small sized silver glitters in there as well!
There wasn't too much difference in using a black base coat or Zoya Jem. They both looked virtually the same to me!
I think what really made me fall in love with Champagne Cocktail was when I decided to use it over Zoya Dove.  Since Champagne Cocktail is a silver holographic glitter, it occurred to me to embrace the gray! Look what happened...
Chamagne Cocktail really sparkles over Zoya Dove!  It really brought out the beauty of this polish!
The holo and the glitters really shine here!  I knew I hit the nail on the head with this combo.
Here is a bottle shot of the mini.  I think my only issue with the polish was the label.  It covered the majority of the bottle and it was hard to see the polish inside. Granted, this was a mini, so maybe it doesn't cover the bottle on the full-sized ones.  
In all, if the only negative I can say about a polish is about the label, then that is a good thing!  This polish had great application.  It went on smoothly and easily. It was neither too thick nor too thin.  And over the right color, it really pops!  And also, HOLOGRAPHIC!!!
To buy SoFlaJo on Etsy, click HERE.
To visit SoFlaJo's shop page, click HERE.
*this polish was sent to me for review*


Jacki said...

Gorgeous! Love the different color bases for the swatches!!

Pointless Cafe said...

I love this!!! Wish I'd ordered this one while I was at it! My order should be here tomorrow. YAY! ♥

PolishAddicted said...

Such a gorgeous color!!!!

PassionForPolish said...


Bárbara ^^, said...

I love it!! Amazing!!!

Treesponge said... need to stop swatching all of these indies. Because then I WANT THEM! :O

This is so gorgeous! I have to stay strong in my no-buy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.