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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Canadian Day-Gradient and Love, Lace, Lilacs.

Happy Canadian Day!  Eh!  A group of friends and I have decided to collaborate once a month on our mani's.  This month we are so lucky because we are doing two!  On the 4th of July we will also be celebrating with patriotic manicures!  For Canadian Day, I did two manicures.  The first one is a gradient with Sally Hansen White Out and Orly Grave Mistake.  Grave Mistake is a blood red and goes on quite easily in one coat!  I am so glad my friend Sheila from Pointless Cafe showed me swatches of this! (You can click on her blog post below!)
 I followed the instructions given by The Nailasaurus in her picture tutorial which you can find HERE. The first time I did it, I failed completely, and maybe one day I will post those fails for you to see.  For my third time around, I would say it came out fairly well!
 Here is a close-up!
 Would you believe I am part French Canadian?  Yup.  I am 3/8 Filipino, 3/8 French-Canadian, 1/8 Unuit (Eskimo), and 1/8 of a bunch of European nations!  I recently found out while researching my lineage on, that my great grand-parents and countless other relatives of mine were born, raised, and buried in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
 This manicure is done with Orly Grave Mistake as well. It is the only true red creme I own, so I had no other choices. (I do have 4 or 5 shimmery red OPI's though!) Haha!  I layered my favorite-and only-white glitter over it-Lynnderella's Love, Lace and Lilacs. Despite the drama over Lynnderella, I still love a few of the polishes I own of hers and will continue to use them, since I have already paid the money for them.  LLL looks so beautiful over any color!  I think this pays great homage to Canadian Day, don't you?
 One last look!
Go check out the talented ladies I am happy to call my partners in nail polish crime!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Nailventurous Lacquers Girly Girl-Glossy and Matted

Hmmm.... These aren't the best pictures I have ever taken, but I guess we all have our bad days, right?  Today, I want to show you a Nailventurous polish-Girly Girl.
Girly things just aren't me, but I wanted this polish simply because Amy is a master when it comes to creating polishes!  I am so glad I did, because look at it!  It is a pretty pink with purples, neon green, blues, teals, and fuchsia hexes in it! YUM.
I decided to play with my matte top coat and voila!  Check this out!
I love how it turned out matted!  It reminded me of P&P's Jawbreaker but in pink. :o)
Nailventurous is no longer selling her polishes, but you can check out her fantastic blog by clicking HERE and go like her FB page by clicking HERE.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lacquistry Custom-Camo With Ammo Redux

Today's custom is brought to you by Lacquistry!  This is called Cammo With Amo Redux.  Unfortunately, the first edition had some issues, so Jenna remade it for me!  What you see here is two coats over Zoya Yara.
Cammo With Amo is a brown base with gold black and brown glitter hexes in a myriad of sizes.  I think I should have asked for SOME green in the polish to make it really look like camo, but that is why I layered it over military green.  What you see is two coats of Cammo With Amo!
To buy from Jenna at Lacquistry, bookmark her Etsy shop HERE.  You can also "Like" her FB page to receive updates on her polish news!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

nAiL'DiT Indie Pen Dance and Mermaid Tears

I have two polishes from a new-to-me indie brand to show you today. It is nAiL'DiT on Etsy (also known as Andeevie) and the first one is called Indie Pen-dance.  Indie Pen-dance is a red, white and blue nail polish with bars, hexes, squares and diamonds in it!  Quite frankly, the end result is breathtaking!  I layered it over Cult Nails Black Out. When I received the polishes in the mail I was impressed by the bright colors and glitter in my bottles.  I have never seen glitter so well-suspended in a bottle of polish! It literally swims around in there with none of it sticking to the sides!  I thought for sure it would come out easily.  I was wrong. I had a hard time getting any glitter to stick to the brush. It took three coats to get this much glitter on my nails, and I had to tilt the bottle to get glitter on my brush. By that time, there was so much base on my nails I was afraid to put more! I am really sad to say this, because everything I see should point to great application, but it was a little rough.  I will continue to use this, because of all the patriotic glitters I have seen, this one is has the best end result! Application was the only disappointment I had in these two polishes.
UPDATE:  I have been told by several customers of Naild'It that they did not have this problem at all. I was also emailed by Andrea (Naild'It) and it turns out that she had issues getting the mix correct in the mini bottles.  I had mini bottles of both of the polishes in this post.  Of course, those were the bottles Andrea gave me to review and my review still stands, because that is my experience.  However, I did want to clarify that it seems to only be with the minis which she has since pulled out of her store. My full-sized bottle of Violet B Wild came out flawlessly!
Next, I have Mermaid Tears.  Mermaid Tears is a beautiful polish.  It is made up of a spattering of black bars and large hexes, rosy pink micro and medium sized hexes, and lavender and sage green mini hexes.
I had the idea to layer it over two polishes- A England Guinevere and Zoya Dove.  I was thrilled with the results!  I do think it should have been named Cherry Blossoms though!  Every single time I looked at my nails, I thought of cherry blossoms! It reminds me of an asian inspired garden.
I still had the same issue with Mermaid Tears as I did with Indie Pen-dance.  From the outside everything looked amazing. But it took me three layers to get this much glitter on my nails and some manipulation of the larger black hexes.  Honestly, it was worth it for these two. I have found nothing like these in any other indie store, so I will continue to multiple layer it.  I do have my eye on two more in her store as well, that would be worth the work to use.
To buy from nAiL'DiT, click HERE.
To "Like" her Facebook page, click HERE.
*this polish was sent to me for an honest review*

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lacquistry Periwinkle Pearls

I have a custom Lacquistry to show you today!  It is called Periwinkle Pearls. It is a beautiful smoky lavender with large and medium matte white hex glitters in it along with periwinkle micro glitters. I layered this over Zoya Jem in this first picture.
In this second picture, I put Periwinkle Pearls on its own just to show you what it look like. It took three coats to get to this opacity.
Here is my favorite layering!  I layered Periwinkle Pearls over Nails Inc Chalk Farm.  It is just what I had imagined when I asked Jenna from Lacquistry to make me a periwinkle polish.
And here is a close up!
To buy from Jenna at Lacquistry, bookmark her Etsy shop HERE.  You can also "Like" her FB page to receive updates on her polish news!

Monday, June 25, 2012

GOSH Miss Grey and Cult Nails Black Out

Today will be a really quick post about two different brands that had the same application issues and great end results.  First up is GOSH Miss Grey.  Gosh Miss Grey is a beautiful grey.  I love grey polishes and "had" to have this one from a blog sale.  When I tried it on, the first coat was super streaky and the polish was thin.  It barely covered any of my nail the first time around, but on the second coat, it layered great!  The streaking was gone, and I was left with a  beautiful grey color.  
Cult Nails Black Out.   I got confused with this one and Nevermore. I thought THIS one was the black one coater, but in reality it is not. It is actually more of a chocolate black. I was a little surprised that it was thin and streaky and barely covered any of my nail bed during the first round of polish.
On the second layer, it covered beautifully and left a stunning-picture friendly manicure!  While I have since learned that Nevermore is the one coater black that I really want, this one is beautiful too, if not as easy to use.


I have updated my blog sale and added some Zoya's, China Glaze, among others.  I also have a section of $1-$2 polishes!  Check it out!

Click HERE.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SoFlaJo's Summer Breeze from the Life's A Beach Collection!

Today's beautiful color changing polish comes from SoFlaJo's brand new Life's A Beach Collection. It is called Summer Breeze and looks like a lavender shimmer in the bottle with a purple haze running through it.  My husband is an avid fisherman and was immediately attracted to it. He even ran out to his boat and said he thought he had a worm that would match it exactly!  Sure enough, he brought me the worm you see in the picture. His only critique is that the polish should have been named after the worm-Morning Dawn.  Cute, huh?
I think Summer Breeze is best as a top coat over your favorite polish, but I wanted to show you what it looks like on its own too!  One frustration of mine is looking for swatches of a brand new polish and not being able to find swatches of it on its own.  So here is Summer Breeze on its own. It took four coats to get it to this opacity.  It went on very well and had great application!
I then layered it over several colors.  Here it is over Gosh Mis Grey on my pinkie and middle fingers.  Look how it dramatically changes the color of the grey!  It gives of a blue/lavender shimmer! This was two coats of Summer Breeze.
I then put it over Cult Nails Black Out on my pinkie and middle fingers.  The change is over the top! It goes from a chocolate black to deep purple/blue metallic shimmer! This was my favorite!
Here you can see it again over Gosh Mis Grey...
And over Cult Nails Black Out... Notice the bottle shots of the polish.
I figured since this was a beach themed collection, I would do a skittle mani with beach colors. From left to right I have on Nails Inc Chalk Farm, A England Guinevere, Zoya Dove, and Girly Bits Stormy Skies.
Look what it does to the polish!  It really changes these polishes beautifully! After trying on this polish, I did order more from SoFlaJo, so stay tuned for more on this collection!
SoFlaJo has just restocked her Etsy shop with the new Life's A Beach Collection.  Each polish sells for $10 each. You can also get the mini collection for $40 or the full-sized collection for $80.  You don't want to miss it or her older collections either!
To order from her Etsy shop, click HERE.
To Like SoFlaJo on Facebook, click HERE.
To follow her blog, click HERE.
*This polish was given to me for an honest review*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Embarrassingly Large Haul Post!

I have had a trying day today, so I am going to "cheat" and put up a haul post.  It has been a long time coming anyway, since some of these I have had for about 2 weeks already!  
I was happy to do a trade with former schoolmate and friend, Marnie.  I killed a couple of needed polishes and she included my first Butter London as a birthday present!
 Butter London Victoriana
 My first Girly Bits!  (not for lack of trying!)  I have wanted Stormy Skies for a long time-among others.
 Cult Nails Black Out.  I love the quality of Cult Nails and really wanted her black!
 I bought this from Llarowe's 50% off sale awhile back!  Up Colors Verde 360. I already posted about it and have since swapped it.
 My ultimate favorite indie brand, Nailventurous Lacquers!  I love her and her polishes!
 Evil Barbie could be my favorite of hers!  I have already posted about it a week ago.
 Eskimo Kisses...
 Hurricane Season.
 The Shimmer Effect.
 Robin laid an Egg.
 I won a giveaway from You Had Me at Makeup!  Thank you Marisa!  This is Oui Je Le Veux by Karine.
 My first Pahlish-Sitting In a Tin Can. I love her names!
 I bought my first two Glitter Daze-in mini form.  Daddy's Girl and Flower Girl. I have already posted about Flower Girl.
 WHAT?! These aren't indies!!  Yep, I fell in love with some swatches by Pointless Cafe and ran to Sally's and got these beauties for 50% off clearance which equaled $2 each!!!
Grave Mistake and Royal Velvet
 I am in a Secret Bunny Swap in one of the nail groups I am a part of and my bunny sent me these!
AllThat Glitters Heartbeat City, UP Colors Azul Disco, Lilas Chrome, and China Glaze Concrete Catwalk
I got this off of Llarowe's website...
 AND my Lush and Lacquer order arrived!  Did you know they had 2600 orders?!  Crazy!
 This is Pink Panther and Snap, Crackle, Pop.
 Finally, I was given a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) by a nail buddy, Jen, who sent this to me just yesterday! thank you Jen!
NubarElegant Indigo
What scares me is I still have more polish on the way to me and I am starting to lose track of what they are!  Do you have that problem?