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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

365 Days of Color Collection Part 2

Today, I want to show you the last two in the 365 Days of Color Collection.  Yesterday, I showed you the first three, and here is number 4.  This is called Explosion!  I have a thing for multi-colored glitters, and have even done a post comparing a few, so this one was love at first sight!  It went on easily and the glitter came out in droves.  This was two coats over black.  LOVE!
I love to play with the matte top coat when it comes to multi-coored glitters, so here she is with a matte top!   You can see the huge assortment of colors and sizes and shapes of glitter!  I love that there are even white ones in there! This was my favorite of the five!
Oops!  Stray red bar hanging out on top!
Bottle number five  is called Old Time Movie.  It is a mixture of shard-like pieces of black and white glitter.  I honestly didn't think I was going to like it, because I do not like shard glitters.  I WAS WRONG!
I layered it over Julep Kylie, which is a new magnetic polish from Julep.  It SUCKED as a magnetic polish, but the color itself is beautiful and unlike any of my other purples.  I layered two coats of Old Time Movie over Kylie and it went on as smoothly as the others!  I am really impressed by the quality and beauty of these polishes overall and I would highly recommend them!
Here is a close-up of Kylie and Old Time Movie. I thought the combination gave it an elegant feel.
Of course, I had to matte it!  I actually love the matte version even more than the glossy!
I apologize for the hazy pictures. I am not sure what happened there.
With all the indie polish makers coming out, I have been hesitant to try anything new. But I can honestly say that 365 Days of Color makes some great polishes that are worth the money!
To order from 365 days of Color, click HERE.  She reopened yesterday!  Click HERE to go to her blog. Click HERE to "Like" her on Facebook.


Elizabeth said...

Explosion is amazing, like a big confetti bomb went off on your fingers! Seriously love it in matte, too. :D

The Crumpet said...

loving Explosion with the matte coat - sensational!

Stephanie said...

These looks great matte

Jacki said...

they both look amazing matte!!

Jen said...

matte looks awesome! Explosion was the only one I didn't get and now I am kicking myself…it looks beautilicious on you!

PassionForPolish said...

They both look amazing matte!